Sport Management Minor

I. Introduction Course: (2 credits)

RECREATN 233 Introduction to Sport Management 2 Credits

II. Additional Required Minor Courses: (12 credits)

RECREATN 388 Special Event Management 3 Credits

RECREATN/COACHING 480 Legal Aspects of Sport and Recreation Activity 3 Credits

RECREATN 450 Planning Design and Management of Facilities in Sport and Rec 3 Credits

RECREATN 440 Commercial and Entrepreneurial Recreation 3 Credits

III. Field Experience (3 Credits)

RECREATN 492 Recreation Field Study 3 Credits

IV. Electives (Select 5 Credits)

RECREATN 489 Managing Recreational Sport Programs 3 Credits

RECREATN 491 Globalization of Sport and Recreation 3 Credits

RECREATN 382 Sport and Adventure Tourism 3 Credits

COACHING 460 Organization and Administration of Interscholastic Athletics 2 Credits

RECREATN 498 Independent Study 2-3Credits

Total=22 Credits                                                                                                                                                                 

The Field Study is a practical learning experience for students in Sport Management. This experience allows students the opportunity to practice the application of theory and apply the knowledge acquired through academic preparation, while learning skills of an entry level practitioner. Experience at a Field Study site not only draws on course offerings, but makes possible the development of professional skills. The Field Study is an in-depth supervised work and study experience, where the student has a degree of responsibility for planning, directing and supervising the work of others. 

For more information about the Sport Management Minor, contact:

Dr. Andrea Ednie
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126-M Williams Center
Office Phone: (262) 472-1351