Curriculum Overview

Program Objectives:

  • Prepare contemporary athletic administrators for leadership positions across NCAA Divisions and athletic department units
  • Differentiate UW-Whitewater athletic administration graduate students in the field via interdisciplinary coursework that integrates business administration, organizational leadership and sport administration concepts
  • Enhance flexibility and personalization of individual program plans for non traditional students
  • Engage content expert scholar-practitioners and balance this with faculty expertise to provide holistic perspectives
  • Current practicum placement sites include: UW-Whitewater Athletics Department, UW-Milwaukee Athletics Athletics Department, UW-Madison Athletics Department

Program Logistics

Students complete 6 foundational credits, 18 content-specific electives in higher education leadership, and a 6 credit capstone experience consisting of a 3 credit practicum and 3 credit career development course. Throughout the program, students will not only have the opportunity to learn from guest lecturers who work as current athletics administrators, as well as faculty who have worked in the field and are content-area experts.


The practicum experience is the foundation of the UW-Whitewater Higher Education Athletics Administration. The program requires a 3 credit practicum aimed at preparing students for career fields through hands-on, practitioner experience. Practicums include 150 hours of hands-on work in a unit of higher education of professional interest to the student, and are arranged with the program coordinator and site supervisor. This experience is highly individualized and tailored to assist students with to meet individual career goals.

Practicum Opportunities 

Practicum Memorandum

Course Content

The Higher Education Athletics Administration Emphasis is a 30 credit program. The coursework consists of two core foundational courses (6 credits), six higher education athletics administration elective courses (18 credits), and a comprehensive capstone including a three credit practicum and a three credit capstone course (6 credits).

Curriculum Map - 30 Credits

MSE-PD Core 6 credits, 2 classes

  • EDFOUND 780 Reading, Analyzing and Evaluating Research
  • HELEAD 723 Issues, Perspectives, and Directions in Higher Education

Introduction Course, 3 credits, 1 class

  • HELEAD 702 Organization and Administration of Sport

HELEAD courses, 3 credits, choose 1 class in consultation with advisor

  • HELEAD 729 Legal Aspects in Higher Ed
  • HELEAD 710 College Student Development Theory
  • HELEAD 725 Diversity and Equity in Higher Education

Athletics Administration Electives, 12 credits, choose 4 classes in consultation with advisor

  • HELEAD 730 NCAA Governance and Compliance
  • HELEAD 731 Budget/Financial Management in Athletics and Higher Ed
  • HELEAD 732 Event Management, Marketing and Sponsorship in Athletics
  • HELEAD 779 Career and Professional Development Strategies
  • COACHING 710 Trends and Issues in Athletics
  • COACHING 706 Sport and Society

Capstone 6 Credits, 2 classes

  • HELEAD 793 Practicum
  • HELEAD 781 Capstone

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