Candace Head-Dylla Assistant Professor

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  • Department(s): Curriculum and Instruction
Candace Head-Dylla

Candace Head-Dylla is an Assistant Professor in the College of Education & Professional Studies’ Curriculum & Instruction Department at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.  A native New Mexican, Head-Dylla received her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from The Pennsylvania State University where she received the 2011 Donald J. Willower Outstanding Dissertation award for a mixed methods study on the reading motivation of elementary students in a public school serving Native American students. A former reading specialist, Candace has taught in grades 6-11, and tutored private students ages 4-65, with an emphasis on designing reading instruction interventions for students from underserved populations.  She has trained reading teachers in New Mexico, Louisiana, Maryland, West Virginia, and Puerto Rico and has supervised student teachers in grades 1-5.  Her current work focuses on early reading instruction and reading motivation as it relates to social and capital culture, curriculum calibration and FAPE, computer-assisted reading instruction, and educational leadership.