Katrina Yan Liu Assistant Professor

  • Office Location: Winther 3034
  • Phone: (262) 472-5820
  • Email: liuy@uww.edu
  • Department(s): Curriculum and Instruction
Katrina Yan Liu


Katrina Liu is an Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Dr. Liu received her Ph. D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2011 with a major in Curriculum and Instruction and a Ph.D. minor in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. Katrina's research interests show three strands. While each has a different focus, they all share a common concern: research on cutting edge theory, practice, and technology innovations in preparing quality teachers in a global context. The first strand of her research developed from her dissertation, which, while focusing on technology such as ePortfolio design and use, more generally examines the impact of teacher education programs and the broader social political context on prospective teachers’ reflection and teaching. Collaborative problem-based learning in a learning community, according to literature, has great promise in enhancing teacher reflection and learning; Katrina's interest in the challenges of community building and how culture influences the interactions within a learning community represents the second strand of her research. The third strand of her research deals with technology and globalization. Of particular interest are the perceptions of globalization among individual learners and institutional leaders and how their perceptions influences their interests and goals for global education. Finally, she has a strong interest in the dynamic and contingent nature of global identity and the role of new media technology and global popular culture in youth civic engagement and mobilization.

Katrina teaches courses primarily related to teacher preparation and teacher professional development. She believes that teaching and learning is an interactive process between instructors, students, and content, with instructors assisting students to learn, not simply transmitting knowledge. She is always dedicated to creating the most powerful learning formats and supportive environments in her teaching. Consequently, she integrates constructivism, collaborative learning, and web-based learning in her classes. Katrina strongly believes that the synthesis of teaching and research is fundamental to her growth as both a good teacher and researcher. Thus she constantly tries to combine the two by using her research results to inform her teaching and teaching always triggers or infuses imagination and enthusiasm for new research. Her research on reflective teaching, learner-centered instruction, preparing globally minded teachers, inquiry-based learning, and web-based learning communities all have significant implications for her teaching.


  • Ph.D. University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2011 Curriculum and Instruction
    Doctoral Minor: Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis


  • M. Ed. Beijing Normal University, 2006: Teaching English as a Foreign Language


  • C&I 708: The Marginalized Learner
  • C&I 770: Supervision of Student Teachers
  • C&I 363: The Teaching of Social Studies in the Elementary/Middle School
  • C&I 490: Interactive Whiteboard and Flipped Classroom Teaching
    (Co-Developed and Co-Taught with Dr. Beth King)