Ozalle Toms Assistant Professor

Ozalle Toms

Diversity Coordinator, COEPS


  • SPECED 325/760 Characteristics of Cognitive Disabilities, Learning Disabilities and Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities
  • SPECED 426/ 626 Introduction to Individual Diagnostic Assessment
  • SPECED 205 Introduction to Special Education
  • SPECED 406 Transition Programming for Students with Disabilities 
  • SPECFLD 489A/B/CD Supervision of Student Teachers
  • SPECFLD 410 General Education Field Experience (Co-teaching); Coordinator
  • SPECED 325 Characteristics of Learning Disabilities
  • INTRAUNV 104 New Student Seminar Education
  • SPECED 458 Collaboration for Effective Instruction



  • Positive Behavioral Interventions for At-risk Youth
  • Culturally Diverse Instruction
  • Teacher Education
  • Assessing Dispositional Skills of Teacher Candidates
  • Faculty and Staff Perceptions of Support Students



BA- Mental Disabilities, Univ of NC at Charlotte (2002)
MEd- Learning Disabilities, East Carolina Univ (2005)
Ph.D. Special Education, Univ of NC at Charlotte (2012)


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