COEPS Assessment Committee

Assessment committee meets the first Monday of the month at 12:00 noon. 

This committee to review program and department assessment plans and to assist the College in its ongoing improvement processes.  It serves as an assessment resource for the College and helps carry out systematic reviews of all programs under College purview.  Itis a liaison between the College and other university assessment bodies, such as the Audit & Review committee and ELARC in order to provide leadership for state review and national accreditation processes. 

Term Department Name
2015-17 C&I Anne Stinson
2016-18 Com Dis
2016-18 Couns Ed Carrie Merino
2016-18 Edfound Mark Schroeder-Strong
2016-18 HPERC Emily Beasley
2017-19 Speced James Collins
2016-18 Dean's Office Katy Casey (chair)Marie Benson (ex-officio)