Agenda for May 14, 2015



TO:         College of Education & Professional Studies Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

FROM:  Rowand Robinson, Chair

RE:        Agenda items for May 14, 2015 8:00 a.m. Winther Hall 1013

DATE:  April 7, 2015

1. Roll

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Approval of the minutes of April 9, 2015 

4. Curricular/Action Items:              


                              Change in Degree, BSE, Early Childhood Education (Dual License)

                              Title change, READING 360

                              Title change, READING 416

                              Pre-requisite change, CIGENRL550/ESL550

5.  Information Items:

6. New Business: 

7. Old Business: 

It is strongly encouraged that the sponsor of a proposal follow their proposal through the College Curriculum Committee and the University Curriculum Committee until it has been passed. The sponsor is in the best position to respond to questions concerning their proposal and in expediting the approval process.

After brief discussion, it was resolved that from now on the committee may approve proposals with minor editorial corrections but will not approve proposals pending substantial revision. Departments should ensure that proposals are clear and complete before placing them on the Curriculum Committee agenda. 


Special Study796, Curriculum and Instruction, CIGENRL, Watershed Science for Education, Term to be offered:  Summer 2015, submitted April 7, 2015.

Workshop490, Curriculum and Instruction, CIGENRL, Career Day Strategies for Student Athletes, Term to be offered:  Spring 2016, submitted April 13, 2015.