May 8, 2014


TO:         College of Education & Professional Studies Undergraduate Curriculum Committee


FROM:  Katy Heyning, Chair


RE:        Agenda items for May 8, 2014 8:00 a.m. Winther Hall 1013


DATE:   May 1, 2014


1. Roll


2. Approval of Agenda


3. Approval of the minutes of March 13, 2014


4. Curricular/Action Items:


Form #4A Change in Existing Course, CIGENRL/ESL403, ESL Methods and Curriculum Development

Form #2 Change in Minor BA/BS, Teaching English as a Second Language for Adults

Form #2 Change in Minor BSE, Minor in Teaching English as a Second Language/Bilingual Bicultural, Teaching English as a Second Language

Form #3, New Course, CIFLD406, Field Study ESL/Bilingual Education for Elementary/Middle School

Form #3, New Course, CIFLD408, Field Study in Secondary ESL/Bilingual Education



                                Form #3 New Course, EDFOUND487/687, Curriculum Evaluation and Improvement II


                LIBRARY MEDIA

                                Form #4R Course Deletion, LIBMEDIA351/551,  Building Library Media Collections


5.  Information Items:


It is strongly encouraged that the sponsor of a proposal follow their proposal through the College Curriculum Committee and the University Curriculum Committee until it has been passed. The sponsor is in the best position to respond to questions concerning their proposal and in expediting the approval process.


6. New Business:


7. Old Business:



Workshop 790, EDFOUND, Managing Effective Classrooms & Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports, term to be offered Fall 2014, submitted 4/14/14.

Workshop790, CIGENRL, Educator Effectiveness 1,2 and 3 (3 2-credit courses, term to be offered Summer 2014, submitted 4/17/14.

Workshop790, CIGENRL, Portfolio and Career Application, term to be offered Fall 2014, submitted 4/30/14.