Agenda November 13, 2014



TO:         College of Education & Professional Studies Undergraduate Curriculum Committee


FROM:   Rowand Robinson, Chair


RE:         Agenda items for November 13, 2014 8:00 a.m. Winther Hall 1013


DATE:  November 6, 2014


1. Roll


2. Approval of Agenda


3. Approval of the minutes of October 9, 2014


4. Curricular/Action Items:



COUNSED793, Change in Existing Course, Grade Basis, Supervised Practicum

EDUCATION:  GENERAL             

 EDUINDP250, New Course, Race and Racism in Schools



LIBMEDIA201, Course Revision, Technology for Teachers

LIBMEDIA201, Pre-requisite and Title Change, Technology for Teachers



COACHING341, New Course, Advanced Topics in Strength Conditioning

               COACHING342, New Course, Principles of Olympic Weightlifting

               HPERC New Submajor:  Minor, Strength and Conditioning

               Strength and Conditioning Overview

               HPERC New Submajor:  Minor, Sport Management

               Sport Management Minor Overview

               HPERC New Course, RECREATION233, Intro to Sport Management


               SPECIAL EDUCATION

Change in Existing Course, Graduate Fieldwork and Portfolio Development

               Current Syllabus, Proposed Syllabus


Course Revision, General Education Option, SPECED205, Introduction to Special Education

Overview of Curricular Revision

Appendix A, Master List of Forms, 2014-2015 Curricular Change

Existing Undergrad Plan

Proposed Undergrad Plan

Form #2, Change in Major Emphasis, Special Education BSE Cross Categorical:  EBD/LD (Emotional-Behavioral Disorders/Learning Disabilities Emphasis)

Form #2, Change in Major Emphasis, Special Education BSE Cross Categorical:  CD (Cognitive Disabilities)

1.       Form #3, New Course, SPECED322, Introduction to Cognitive Disabilities

2.      Form #4A, Course Revision, SPECED325/525, Characteristics of CD/EBD/LD

3.      Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, SPECED326/626, Introduction to Individual Diagnostic Assessment of Exceptional Educational Needs

4.      Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, SPECED361, Inclusive Methods of Instruction

5.      Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change and other, SPECFLD376/576, Medical Aspects of Disability

6.      Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, SPECED406/606, Transition Programming for Students with Disabilities

7.      Form #4A, Contact Hours Change or Credit Change, SPECFLD410/610, General Education Field Experience

8.      Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, SPECED440/640, Advanced Behavior Intervention Strategies

9.      Form #4R, Number Change, Pre-requisite Change, Title Change SPECED450/650, Characteristics of and Interventions for EBD

10.   Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, Other, SPECED465/665, Curriculum/Methods Cognitive Disabilities-Functional

11.   Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, SPECFLD466, Working with Parents of Exceptional Children and Community Agencies

12.   Form #4R, Course Deletion, SPECED470/670. Student Teaching Seminar

13.   Form #3, New Course, SPECED473, Phase 3 (edTPA Gateway) Portfolio

14.   Form #3, New Course, SPECED475, Legal Compliance in Special Education

15A. Form #4A, Course Revision, Contact Hour Change and or Credit Change, SPECED480/680, Phase 4 Portfolio

15B. Form #4R, Title Change, SPECED480/680, Directed Teaching/Internship Practica and Phase 4 Seminar

16A. Form #4A, Course Revision, SPECED486/686, Academic Interventions I

16B. Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, SPECED486/686, Academic Interventions I

17A. Form #4A, Course Revision, SPECED487/687, Academic Interventions II

17B. Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, SPECED487/687, Academic Interventions II

18.  Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, SPECFLD485A, Specialized Fieldwork:  Cognitive Delay

19.  Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, SPECFLD485B, Specialized Fieldwork:  Learning Disability

20.  Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, SPECFLD485C, Specialized Fieldwork:  Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

21A.  Form #4A, Contact Hour Change and or Credit Change, SPECED489A, Directed Teaching Special Education, Cognitive Disability

21B.  Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, SPECFLD489A, Directed Teaching Special Education, Cognitive Disability

22A.  Form #4A Contact Hour Change or Credit Change, SPECED489B, Directed Teaching Special Education, Learning Disability

22B.  Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, SPECFLD489B, Directed Teaching Special Education, Learning Disability

23A.  Form #4A, Contact Hour Change or Credit Change, SPECED489C, Directed Teaching Special Education, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

23B.  Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, SPECFLD489C, Directed Teaching Special Education, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

24.  Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, SPECFLD489D, Directed Teaching Special Education, Cross Categorical 

5.  Information Items:


Revision of the BBA requirements


It is strongly encouraged that the sponsor of a proposal follow their proposal through the College Curriculum Committee and the University Curriculum Committee until it has been passed. The sponsor is in the best position to respond to questions concerning their proposal and in expediting the approval process.


6. New Business: 


7. Old Business: 



Workshop, PEPROF 490, Activities of Inclusion from A-Z in Physical Education and Recreation, Term to be offered, Summer 2015, date submitted, 10/27/14.

Special Study, HEALTHED 496/696, Community & Public Health, Term to be offered, Spring 2015, date submitted, 10/30/14.