Minutes December 11, 2014




1. Roll:  Present:  Rowand Robinson, Chair; Tracy Arneson-Baker; Jeff Cook; John Zbikowski; Mike Laughlin; Brooke Winchell and Jenni Petersen.  Absent:  Lynn Gilbertson, Christina Panella and LTC Carl Meredith.

2.  Approval of Agenda:

     On a Zbikowski/Winchell motion, the agenda was approved.

3.  Approval of the minutes of November 13, 2014
     On a Petersen/Laughlin motion, the minutes of November 13 were approved as written.

4. Curricular/Action Items:
                              Form #4A, Change in an Existing Course, COUNSED793SYLLABUSSignature Page
                              On a Zbikowski/Petersen motion, the above proposal was accepted. 

                    Form #4R, Pre-requisite Change, READING461                    
                    On a Zbikowski/Winchell motion, the above proposal was accepted

                    Form #2, Change in Major, BSE, Marketing Education
                    Form #2, Change in Major, BSE, Business Education
                    Form #2, Change in Major, BSE, Business & Marketing Education Comprehensive
                    BSE Business & Marketing Consultation Pages
                   On a Zbikowski/Laughlin motion, the above three proposals were accepted with minor editorial changes.

5.  Information Items:

A proposal from the Math Department to change the title and course description for MATH 141 from  Intermediate Algebra to Fundamentals of College Algebra.  The current course is a proficiency course taken by approximately two-thirds of all UW-W students.

 200-level courses that would parallel with the 490+ courses currently available in every department.

 This conversation emerged from needs identified in COBE in the past year.  Last year, the Management Department proposed and got approval to offer MANGEMNT 498E and MANGEMNT 293E to allow credit for significant work in the area of entrepreneurship at the lower level.  They are also in the process of proposing BEINDP 296 to accommodate offering a special studies course that will be available to all students (i.e., no requirement for admission to upper division business courses as occurs for BEINDP 496).  This precipitated a need for a discussion at the College Curriculum Committee level. Do we see this as beneficial for all departments on campus to establish 290+ courses that correlate to the 490+ courses?  These might be used for credits for undergraduate research and other credit-worthy endeavors at the freshman and sophomore level.  Another situation in which this topic has surfaced recently is related to the possibility of developing scholarships that include guaranteed internships at the lower levels.

Political Science Education, Change in Major

 6. New Business:  .

 7. Old Business: