Minutes March 13, 2014

COEPS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Meeting

March 13, 2014



1.       Present:  Katy Heyning, Chair; Todd Loushine; John Zbikowski; Tracy Arneson-Baker; Jillian Smith; Jenni Petersen, Scott Bradley; Jeff Cook and Brook Winchell.  Absent:  Penny Portman, MAJ Carl Meredith and Allison Hodorowicz.  Guest:  Alvaro Taveira


2.       On a Zbikowski/Bradley motion, the agenda was approved.


3.       The minutes of the December 12, 2013 were approved by acclamation.


4. Curricular/Action Items:


Form#4R SAFETY420, Principles of Environmental Management, pre-req change

Form#4R SAFETY388, Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Applications, pre-req change

Form#4R SAFETY453, Fundamentals of Environmental Law, pre-req change

Form#4R SAFETY479 Principles & Methods of Industrial Hygiene, pre-req change

Form#4R SAFETY481, Analysis and Design for Safety in Industrial Operations,

pre-req change

Form#4R SAFETY483, Occupational Safety Management, pre-req change

Form#4R SAFETY492, Fieldwork Internship in Safety, pre-req change

Form#2, OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY, Change in Minor


On a Zbikowski/Loushine motion all of the above proposals were accepted with the exception of SAFETY420 which needs minor editorial changes.


5.       Information items:  Move OSEH Department programs from COEPS to COBE.


6.       New business:  Todd Loushine said at the University Curriculum Committee it was brought up that Greg Cook is studying credits to graduate in all programs.


Tracy  mentioned that most of our education majors require more than the minimum 120 credits to graduate i.e. Elementary Education whose 4 year graduation plan notes 135 credits and Early Childhood Education whose 4 year graduate plan notes 148 credits.


Alvaro said a Task Force has been formed and is moving slowly.  It has been suggested that every program on campus have a capstone experience. 


7.        Old business:  none


Tracy asked what curricular action needed to be taken for changing PI34 requirements.  A curriculum proposal can be done by administrative action through any department.  Tracy will follow up on this.


Jillian circulated a document with the new language for the diversity course based on a UW System document.  The new title is U.S. Racial/Ethnic Diversity.  Discussion ensued.  Katy suggested this be addressed at Admin Council also.


On a Petersen/Winchell motion, the meeting adjourned at 8:35 a.m.