Minutes October 13, 2016

October 13, 2016


1.       Roll
Present:  Rowand Robinson, Chair; Jenni Petersen; Brooke Winchell; John Zbikowski and Lynn Gilbertson.  Absent:  Penny Portman, Brenda O’Beirne, Tracy Arneson-Baker and Jillian Smith.


2.       Approval of Agenda
On a Zbikowski/Petersen motion, the New Program Proposal, Early Child Care and Education and the New Course Proposals:  EARLYCHD300, EARLYCHD318 and EARLYCHD319 were moved to the beginning of the agenda.


3.       Approval of the May 12, 2016 minutes
On a Zbikowski/Winchell motion, the minutes of the May 12, 2016 meeting were approved as written.


4.       Curricular/Action Items:



                New Program Proposal:  Early Child Care and Education, Early Child Care and Education
                New Course Proposals:  EARLYCHD300, Early Child Care and Education – Credential Course ,

                EARLYCHD318, ECCE Field Placement and Reflective Seminar  and EARLYCHD319, ECCE Leadership Internship and
                Reflective Seminar


                John Zbikowski and Brooke Winchell moved to accept the above proposals.
                Motion failed unanimously.


                Discussion included:

                Clarifying how the credentials would be evaluated to meet various program requirements

                Providing greater detail in the catalog description

                Clarifying that the major only required 70 credits

                Providing all necessary information in the syllabi for the courses while understanding that they would need to be more flexible than a traditional

                syllabus clearly noting that 25% of the credits must be completed at UW-W Correcting the number of hours associated with EARLYCHD 300

                Note: The discussion included a suggestion to separate the seminar from the fieldwork course, but the proposer provided a reasoned rationale

                for keeping them connected  


                 Course Deactivation Proposal: COUNSED729, Student Services in Higher Education and COUNSED748,  Administration in Student


                 On a Gilbertson/Petersen motion, the above two courses deactivation proposals were accepted.


                 No issues noted



                             New Miscellaneous Request:  Course Name Correction for Elementary Ed


                             On a Zbikowski/Petersen motion, the above miscellaneous request was accepted.


                             This is an editorial change. The course currently listed is CIGNRL 370; it should be ELEMMID 370


                             New Course Proposal:  SECNDED460, Secondary Field Study Seminar


                             On a Petersen/Winchell motion, the above proposal was accepted.


                             No issues noted  



                 Program Change Request  AUTISMCERT:  Certificate in Autism Specialist Program


                             On a Zbikowski/Gilbertson motion, the above change request was accepted.


                             The change was accepted with 2 changes:

                             Change from a Graduate Program to a Graduate Certificate and attach the consultation that was held with the

                             Communications Sciences and Disorders Department


                             New Course Proposal:  SPECED101:  Transitioning to College for Students with Disabilities


                             Jenni Peterson and Lynn Gilbertson moved to accept the above proposal.

                             Motion failed unanimously.


                   The COEPS College Curriculum Committee met and generated a number of questions. First and foremost, they indicated that they valued the skills and content being addressed by the course. They also indicated that there should be consistency across courses that address similar content. They saw parallels in terms of the following course offerings: INTRUNV 104 which facilitates a positive adjustment to the first year of college through the development of both written and oral communication skills, critical thinking skills, and group presentation skills (taken directly from the course catalog). This course is simply a 1 credit offering that goes toward the 120 credit requirement. The potential problem identified is if the proposed SPECED 1F01 was moved to a 1 credit course like this one, why wouldn't the students simply take INTRUNV 104. DEVLPED 50 which addresses effective learning strategies and study behaviors and their application (taken directly from the course catalog). While this course is not as specific to students with disabilities, the committee felt it offered similar supports. This course is offered as a 3 credit option but does not count toward the 120 hours required for graduation. The committee noted that the similarities with DEVLPED seemed to be the strongest. When SPECED 101 was considered at the University Curriculum Committee in the past, a similar concern was raised regarding the appropriate number level for this course. While the committee sees the value and applauds the success of the course, it felt that the number should change to remain consistent across campus curriculum offerings.


5.        Information Items:  None


6.        New Business:  None


7.       Old Business:  None