May, 20 2014



TO:                        College of Education and Professional Studies Graduate Programs Council

 FROM:                 Ellie Dickmann, Associate Dean

 RE:                       Agenda Items for the Graduate Programs Council Meeting May 20, 2014

 DATE:                 May 13, 2014

 1.      Roll:

2.      Approval of Agenda: 

3.      Approval of the Minutes: 

4.      Curricular/Action Items: 

Educational Foundations-

EDFOUND 487/687 New Course Curriculum Evaluation and Improvement II   

Special Education-

Change in Course Number - Title Change SPECED

Change SPECED 580 Phase 3 Portfolio

SPECED 785 Course Description Change Graduate Field and Portfolio Development

SPECED776 New Course Curriculum and Methods for Low Incidence Disabilities  

5.      Information Items: 

6.      Discussion Items:

Get update on CourseLeaf Proposal Implementation (CIM) 

7.      New Business:

8.      Old Business: