November 19, 2013


TO: College of Education and Professional Studies Graduate Programs Council
FROM: Ellie Dickmann, Associate Dean
RE: Agenda Items for the Graduate Programs Council Meeting November 19, 2013
DATE: November 15, 2013

  1. Roll:

  2. Approval of Agenda:

  3. Approval of the minutes:

  4. Curricular/Action Items:

    Counselor Education- 
    New Course, Counselor Ed 754, Understanding/Addressing  Addiction Issues Across the Lifespan
    New Course, Counselor Ed 755, Understanding and Addressing Crisis and Trauma in the Schools
    New Course, Counselor Ed 756, A Systems Primer for School and Higher Education Counselors
    Certificate Program, Counselor Ed, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    Occupation Safety-
    Course Deletion, Safety 420/620, Principles of Environmental Management

    Communication Sciences & Disorders- 
    Course Revision, COMDIS 380/580, Speech and Language Development
    Course Revision, COMDIS 481/681, Speech and Language Disorders in Children

  5. Information Items:

  6. Discussion Items:

  7. New Business:

    Focus/Goals for Year

  8. Old Business:

Workshop 790, Curriculum & Instruction, InterActiv Tech Acad 14
Workshop 790, Special Education, Metacognition in Action