October 15, 2013


TO: College of Education and Professional Studies Graduate Programs Council
FROM: Ellie Dickmann, Associate Dean
RE: Agenda Items for the Graduate Programs Council Meeting October 15, 2013
DATE: October 8, 2013

  1. Roll:

  2. Approval of Agenda:

  3. Approval of the minutes:

  4. Curricular/Action Items:

    Educational Foundations- 
    New Course, EDFound 486/686, Curriculum Evaluation and Improvement I

    Occupational, Environmental Safety & Health-
    New Course,  Safety 701, Research Methods in ESH
    New Course, Safety 712, Disaster Planning and Response
    New Course, Safety 779, Advanced Topics in Industrial Hygiene
    New Course, Safety 784, Advanced Ergonomics
    Change in or Deletion of an Existing Course, Safety 753
    Change in Major, MS Safety

  5. Information Items:

  6. Discussion Items:
    1. Chairship Proxy
    2. Lila Waldman - proposal discussion

  7. New Business:

    Focus/Goals for Year

  8. Old Business:

Workshop 790, SPECED, Metacognition in Action, term to be offered Spring 2014, submitted 9/30/13