Minutes of November 20, 2012

NOVEMBER 20, 2012

  1. Roll:  Present: Ellie Dickmann, Chair; Shannon Stuart; Tia Schultz; Sang Choi; Scott      Peters; Jennifer Petersen; Kelly Witte; John Zbikowski; Jeff Cook; Scott Bradley and Sarah Eberhard (student representative).  Guests: Glenn Steffen and Adam Cummings (student representatives).
  2. Approval of Agenda:  On a Witte/Zbikowski motion, the agenda was accepted.
  3. Approval of the minutes from October 16, 2012:  On a Zbikowski/Bradley motion, the minutes from October 16, 2012 were accepted as written.Introductions of student representatives and introductions of faculty
  4. Curricular/Action Items

    Pre-requisite change, EDFOUND678, Adolescent Development.  (Form#4R)
    On a Bradley/Witte motion, the above proposal was accepted.

    Change in Major, Course Deletion, MSE, SPECED626,Introduction to Individualized Diagnostic Assessment of EEN, (Form#2)
    Course Deletion, SPECED626, Introduction to Individualized Diagnostic Assessment of EEN, (Form#4R)

    On a Stuart/Cook motion, the above proposals were accepted.
    Certificate Program, Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis
    Certificate ProgramGraduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (Form#1)
    New Course, SPECED709, Advanced Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, (Form#3)
    New Course, SPECED710, Advanced Applications in Applied Behavior Analysis, (Form#3)
    Change in Major, MSE in Special Education - Professional Development Emphasis, (Form#2)
    Course Revision, SPECED701, Advanced Methodology and Practice in Special Education, (Form#4A)
    On a Bradley/Witte motion, the above proposals were accepted with minor editorial changes.

  5. Information Items
    1. John Zbikowski shared that the Business Education program is moving from the College of Business and Economics to the College of Education and Professional Studies in Fall 2013.
    2. Ellie Dickmann shared the Employment & Continuing Education Percentage Report.  During the next meeting, we will look at this in more detail perhaps with John Stone.
    3. Discussion Items:
      1. Overview of Graduate Programs by Department -  Kelly Witte and Jeff Cook will share from their programs at the next meeting.
      2. Flow Chart for GPC Process - Linda Kinson updated the flow chart so we can see how this committee fits with the others in the COEPS.
      3. Review of Monthly Graduate Program Statistics (Other COEPS Statistics).
      4. Graduate Student Handbook (COEPS) - Ellie Dickmann led a discussion centered on the need for a handbook for our COEPS graduate students.  The graduate students agreed to draft the handbook and take the lead.
      5. Discussion of offerings in different departments - Ellie Dickmann suggested we discuss this in December.  Scott and Shannon will report back to the committee.
      6. New Graduate Program Options - Ellie Dickmann shared that we have a pool of departments across campus that are willing to collaborate on the School/Community Safety Certificate.  Larry Neuman, Criminal Justice, is co-leading this certificate development process with Ellie.
      7. Scott Peters shared an assessment certificate idea.
      8. Next meeting agenda items.-.Ellie will invite John Stone.

On a Zbikowski/Sang motion, the meeting adjourned at 9:30 a.m.