Minutes of October 16, 2012

OCTOBER 16, 2012

  1. Present:Ellie Dickmann, Chair; Scott Peters; Kelly Witte; Jeff Cook; Sang Choi; John Zbikowski; Scott Bradley; Shannon Stuart and Rick Mason.

  2. Approval of the agenda.  On a Witte/Peters motion, the agenda was approved.

  3. Minutes of September 18, 2012.  On a Peters/Witte motion, the minutes of the September 18 meeting were approved as written.

  4. Curricular/Action Items:

    Pre-requisite and Title change, CIGENRL520, Second Language Acquisition
    Pre-requisite and Title change, CIGENRL530, Pedagogical Grammar for English Learners
    Pre-requisite Change, CIGENRL603, ESL Methods and Curriculum Development
    Pre-requisite Change, CIGENRL605, Assessment in the ESL/Bilingual Classroom
    Pre-requisite Change, CIGENRL655, Teaching Content in the Bilingual Classroom

    On a Peters/Witte motion, the above proposals were accepted.

    New Course, HELEAD700, Introduction to Higher Education and Student Affairs
    New Course, HELEAD710, College Student Development: Theory, Assessment and Application
    New Course, HELEAD715, Assessment in Student Affairs
    New Course, HELEAD720, Legal Issues in Higher Education
    New Course, HELEAD725, Diversity and Equity in Higher Education
    New Course, HELEAD729, Organization and Governance in Higher Education

    On a Zbikowski/Witte motion, the above proposals were accepted.

    Course Deletion, EDFOUND752, Instructional Design

    On a Peters/Zbikowski motion, the above proposal was accepted.

    Repeatability Change, SPECED785, Topics in Special Education: Pre-Institute 
    Repeatability Change, SPECED786, Current Topics in Special Education: Institute
    Repeatability Change, SPECED787, Current Issues in Special Education: Post Institute

    On a Stuart/Choi motion, the above proposals were accepted.

  5. Information Items:  None

  6. New Business:  None

  7. Old Business:  None

  8. On a Zbikowski/Choi motion, the meeting adjourned at 8:20 a.m.