Teacher Candidates


Freshmen do not have any responsibilities to fulfill for edTPA. If you would like to learn about the edTPA assessment, please review the overview information located on the edTPA Candidate's Site.


Typically, teacher candidates will take either Education Foundations (EDFNDPRC 210 or 214) or Reflective Seminar (EDUINDP 216) their sophomore year. Once teacher candidates are officially enrolled in either class, a Taskstream account will be created in their name and 2 emails will be sent:

      1. UW-W will send a confirmation email verifying a Taskstream account was created.
      2. Taskstream will send a "Welcome" email.

To learn more about Taskstream, please click on the Taskstream link. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the edTPA assessment by reviewing the information on the edTPA Candidate's Site.


Teacher candidates' coursework may require them to upload assignments and/or assessments to their Taskstream account. To learn more about how to upload coursework and assessment(s), refer to the Taskstream link and/or consult with your course instructor.


Typically, teacher candidates are required to complete a semester of field study, followed by a semester of student teaching. Teacher candidates will complete their edTPA assessment during their student teaching experience:

Field Study

    • Typically, field study experiences will require the teacher candidate to complete tasks and assessments that will need to be uploaded into Taskstream
    • The teacher candidate's instructor will provide instructions for uploading completed tasks and assessments into Taskstream.

Student Teaching

    • Teacher candidates complete the edTPA assessment.
    • Teacher candidates will be required to upload edTPA documentation into Taskstream.
    • Starting in Fall 2015, teacher candidates will be required to create an account at Pearson, the company responsible for the external review of submitted edTPA assessments. Timelines and directions will be determined at a later date.