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Comparative Education and Overseas Fieldwork (Graduate)

General Program Description

New Zealand: June 12th - July 9th, 2014
Australia: June 22-July 18, 2015 (tentative)

Comparative Education and Overseas Fieldwork is a six-credit graduate course designed for certified elementary and secondary school teachers, librarians or administrators who would like to expand their learning through the study of educational systems of other English-speaking countries.

Each year, a different country will be the focus on the program: Australia, New Zealand and Scotland. In Spring, the Comparative Education & Overseas Fieldwork course will have two pre-fieldwork seminars. In summer, participants spend three and one half weeks in the country on the schedule. They later join a post-fieldwork seminar in the fall. All seminars are held on Saturdays and/or online.

The three and one half-week overseas component of this course features approximately two weeks in the home of a host teacher who has been assigned by our in-country liaison. During this time, the U.S. teacher will accompany his or her host to school, assist with group and individual instruction, visit other classrooms, and take part in a variety of school activities. The actual activities and their sequence is dependent upon the school, its schedule and the location.

The final week and a half consists of (2) a week of independent studies, during which participants travel at their own expense, and (1) four day educational seminar where U.S. teachers come together as a group.

Highlights and Benefits

Earn six graduate credits
Experience a different culture firsthand

  • Participate in school and classroom activities
  • Live with a host teacher/family

Explore the history & culture of another country through individual or small group travel
Extend your travel/cultural experiences beyond the program
Attend educational seminars in order to...

  • Compare educational systems
  • Share individual placement experiences
  • Learn from informal presentations by guest speakers who will discuss their country's educational programs, policies, practices, and diversity

Renew your enthusiasm for teaching
A hybrid of on-campus and international site components

Placements in two English-speaking countries:

Australia (TBD)
New Zealand (TBD)

Information Contact

For more information or to request an application packet, contact:

Jennifer Petersen
Educational Foundations
Phone:(262) 472-5408 
Kathleen Elliott
Educational Foundations
Phone:(262) 472-5431