Fall 2013

November 25

The Fall of Communism and the Creation of a New World Order

November 18

The Last Frontier of Civil Rights: The Americans with Disabilities Act

November 11

The Commercialization of the Internet: Millions of Islands Become a Continent

November 4

UW-Whitewater Athletics: Past, Present and Future

October 28

American Political Discourse Since 1983: The Impact of Cable TV, Email, Twitter, Facebook and Other Technology Innovations

October 21

Wal-Mart: From Arkansas to the World in Thirty Years

October 14

HIV/AIDS: From Gay Stigma to Preventable Nightmare

October 7

Resilience and Justice in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

September 30

Reagan’s Democrats, Clinton’s Impeachment and the 2000 Election: How Did Dysfunctional Become The Way Our Government Functions?

September 23

Three Decades of Theater Trends: From Absurdism and Experimental Theater to Multicultural Drama and Performance Art

September 16

Nanotechnology’s HUGE Impact on Our Lives Over the Last 30 Years

September 9

Critical Events and (some) Critical People at UW-Whitewater, 1983-2013