Comparison of Partners in Education
and Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

  • PIE instructors have a master’s degree and have been approved as adjunct university instructors at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.  AP teachers do not have to meet such requirements.

  • AP courses are not college courses.  The courses are high school courses with advanced content.

  • AP does not offer college credit – it offers students the opportunity to earn an exam score high enough to be awarded credit by a college or university. The AP curriculum may not reflect current college courses.

  • PIE course credit appears on an official UW-Whitewater transcript if a student receives a grade of “C” or better. There are not transcripts for AP classes.

Improved Rigor and Relevance

  • Integrate improved literacy through rigorous and relevant content
  • Provide a high-quality dual enrollment option
  • Keep outstanding students on the high school campus
  • Raise academic standards in the school

Students-Distinguish Yourself

  • Set yourself apart from other college applicants by demonstrating willingness to take challenging courses.
  • Jump start your college career over students not taking PIE courses:
    • Upon successful completion of PIE courses-you have the opportunity to register for classes early due to credit hours earned-allowing you to not only get the courses you want, but when you need them, in order to graduate on time.
    • Opportunity to take college courses at half the regular UW tuition
  • Participate in official UW-Whitewater courses which are: using the same syllabi, methods, content and materials as the courses taught on campus.
  • Earn college credit which appears on an official UW-Whitewater transcript
  • Be emerged in the pace, rigor, and curriculum of a university course-unlike Advanced Placement (AP) courses which simply offer high school courses with some advanced content.
  • Credit is earned not just from one exam, rather the entire classroom experience-students are not taught for a single, high-stakes test
  • Become familiar with the university registration process

For more information contact

Jodi Galvan - Coordinator, Partners in Education. | 608-201-1744
Seth Meisel - Associate Dean, Continuing Education. | 262-472-1013