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Civil Rights - Social Justice Field Trip
Spring Break

Dates: Spring Break 2015

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This inspirational week-long bus tour will be touring noteworthy cities that played substantial roles during the civil rights movement. Students will tentatively travel to Cincinnati, Montgomery, Selma, Jackson, and Memphis. This is an opportunity to learn about a transformative chapter in American history as student’s visit the places where history was made. The trip will highlight both the movement as it happened and as it is remembered in public spaces ranging from major civil rights museums to nondescript bridges. There will be opportunities to meet people involved in civil rights struggles past and present. This will truly give students a wealth of knowledge on the civil rights movement and its legacies. (3 undergraduate credits; Department of History; a non-credit option is available). The students wanting credit for this trip will meet three times prior to the Spring Break departure and twiceafter the trip. The non-credit participants are welcome at all class meetings, and must attend the final pre-trip meeting.