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2014 Tuition & Fees

Fee Information

Units Resident Non-Resident
1 unit undergraduate $315.76 $631.30
2 units undergraduate $631.52 $1,262.60
3 units undergraduate $947.28 $1,893.90
3 units undergraduate online business $1,167.00 $1,167.00
3 units graduate $1,424.46 $2,946.27
3 units graduate business $1,516.80 $3,042.96



Winterim tuition is due by January 10, 2014. Refer to WINS or Ebill for charges.

Refunds and Cancellation of Registration

Deadline to officially drop courses is January 10.  Officially dropping a course during January 2-8 will initiate a refund; no refund for dropping after January 8.

Enrollment Verification

Winterim is a separate term for purposes of enrollment verification. Enrollment in Winterim will NOT count toward full-time or part-time status for either the Fall or Spring terms.

Questions about the effect of Winterim enrollment on veterans' benefits should be directed to the Veterans' Coordinator, Registrar's Office, Roseman Hall, (262) 472-1570.

Financial Aid

Students interested in receiving financial aid for Winterim should submit a Winterim Application. A 2013-14 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed.