There are many committees on campus from Search & Screen's to Inclusive Excellence to Custodial Appreciation.  As the Classified Staff Advisory Council fields requests for classified participation, we would like to know who amongst the classified staff would like to serve the campus community as a representative of the CSAC.  For more information or if you are interested in committee service, please send an EMAIL.  Thank you.


The Employee Recognition Committee is a sub-committee of the Classified Staff Advisory Council.  The purpose of this committee is to create and develop opportunities to provide recognition of classified employees on the UW-Whitewater campus.  This committee maintains the online Classified Spotlight which highlights two classified employees on a bi-monthly basis.  This committee also created the Classified Staff Excellence Award - an award presented to two selected classified employees each year.  Any campus employee may nominate a classified employee for this award.  Recipients are selected from the pool of nominated candidates.  Other goals of this committee include recognition of classified retirees and new employees.  MEMBERS:  Alicia Stone-Jackson, Chair; Tricia Borchardt; Rhonda Jones; Dean Look; Jody Marquardt; Julie Ridgeman; and Pat Waege.

If you are intersted in sitting on this committee, please contact Alicia Stone-Jackson at email.


Committee membership is open to all permanent and project classified staff members on campus.  This committee creates, maintains, and annually reviews the mission statement and bylaws of the CSAC and is charged with overseeing the CSAC election process.  MEMBERS:  Denise Ehren, Chair; Andy Peterson; Tricia Borchardt; Mike Sacco; Amy Sexton.

If you are interested in sitting on the committee, please contact Denise Ehren at email.


As a permanent standing committee of the Classified Staff Advisory Council, our purpose is to provide programming to the general members that address educational, work-related, and campus-oriented information.  Our goal is to enhance professional development, learning opportunities and dissemination of information as it pertains to the interest of the membership.  MEMBERS:  Mary Kaster, Co-Chair; Liz Woolever, Co-Chair; Char Anderson; Karen Brueggeman; Wes Enterline; Rebecca Jones; Julie Marino; Amy Sexton; Mackenzie Lane.

If you are interested in sitting on the committee, please contact Mary Kaster at email, or Liz Woolever at email.


The mission of the staff fund raising committee is to raise funds.  The committee provides professional development funding, applies grants, raises funding for various Council functions and other events for classified staff.  Funds are maintained in a campus accounts.  Various fundraising functions are promoted throughout the fiscal year.  MEMBERS:  Denise Ehren, Chair; Liz Woolever; Andy Peterson; Mary Duesterbeck.

If you are interested in sitting on the committee, please contact Denise Ehren at email.


The purpose of the Outreach committee is to welcome and encourage participation by general members in the CSAC. This includes providing orientation information to new classified, project, and LTE employees on campus. This also includes, but is not limited to, a campus orientation tour and maintaining a resource guide with helpful links to campus information, fringe benefits, events and entertainment, and community resources to help employees transition more smoothly to campus employment and integrate into campus life. This committee will also promote the general activity of the CSAC through outreach and promotion of meetings, events, and other programming provided by the other CSAC committees. MEMBERS: Wesley Enterline, Co-chair;  Ruth Strdinger, Co-chair; Matthew Baier; Mary Kaster, Bobbi Ludwig; Jeff Onsrud; Tamela Rocke; Amy Sexton and John Zastrow.

If you are interested in sitting on the committee, please contact Wesley Enterline at email or Ruth Stradinger at email.


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