What is the purpose of the Classified Staff Advisory Council (CSAC)?

The purpose of creating a Classified Staff Advisory Council is to provide an opportunity for classified employees to contribute to the furtherance of the UW-Whitewater mission and the overall mission of the University of Wisconsin System. This would be achieved through active participation in decision-making for University Staff (the new classification for classified staff upon the initiation of the new personnel system) including: making recommendations, considering proposals, and raising concerns to institutional leadership.

Does the CSAC take the place of what was formerly the union?

No. The activity of the CSAC will not involve collective bargaining or result in a labor agreement or contract. The goal of the CSAC is to provide a governance body representing classified employees on the same level as the Faculty Senate and Academic Staff Assembly, serving in an advisory role to the Chancellor and University administration.

What is the "DMC" I keep hearing about?

DMC (Discretionary Merit Compensation) is an award for classified employees who routinely demonstrate outstanding or meritorious performance. A form to apply, which also outlines the justification criteria, can be found at this LINK.  Information to complete the form (classification, pay schedule, range, and WSRP amount) may be found at the Office of State Employment Relations website under their Alphabetical Listing of Classifications.  In addition, the UW System provides a search of the database containing the budgeted salaries for all University of Wisconsin employees for each fiscal year.  The 2012-13 search page can be found at this LINK.  In addition, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article where a search can be done to see the raises and bonuses for state employees under the state's DMC program. That article can be accessed via this LINK

Who is eligible to serve on the CSAC?

The CSAC will consist of twelve members. Ten will be elected from the three main divisions on campus - Administrative Affairs, Student Affairs, and Academic Affairs. There will also be one liaison to the Chancellor's Office (appointed by the Chancellor) and one liaison to Human Resources & Diversity (appointed by the HR&D Director). Representatives must be permanent employees, due to the term commitment required.

Are only permanent employees represented by the CSAC?

No. This council will represent all classified staff (full-time, part-time, LTE, and project appointment).

How long does each individual serve on the CSAC?

All appointed or elected members will serve a two-year term. Elections will be conducted on a staggered basis so that only half of the members will be up for election at any given election period.

What is the Human Resources chain of command both on campus and off campus, up to and including Rep. Nass?

UW-Whitewater Human Resources staff chain of command begins with Connie Putland, HR Manager; then Judi Trampf, HR Director. Next is Jeff Arnold, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs; then Dr. Richard Telfer, Chancellor. Next is Kevin Reilly, UW System President; and finally Board of Regents. Chancellor Telfer is likened to the "CEO" of an organization. The Board of Regents, by statute, is the governing body for the UW System, appointed by the governor.


Effective December 2012 the Board of Regents has established a new Criminal Background Check Policy: http://www.wisconsin.edu/bor/policies/rpd/rpd20-19.htm indicating that employees in positions of trust, i.e. dealing with keys, cash or minor children, are required to have a Criminal Background check within the last year. Going forward the Board of Regents is requiring updated background checks on employees in positions of trust every four (4) years. HR&D will email you when this will need to be performed again. If you are asked to complete this form, and have any questions, please contact hr@uww.edu or (262) 472-1024.


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