Temporary Disabilities

What is a temporary disability

Temporary disabilities include, but are not limited to, broken limbs, burns, post-surgery recovery and other similar conditions that temporarily impair or influence with students' abilities to fully participate in academic activities.

The University is not obligated to provide services to students with temporary, non-chronic impairments that last less than three months and are not covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990). However, timely and honest communication about the nature and length of the disability and the requested accommodations can often result in a satisfying solution to the short-term problems from the injury or condition.

What if I miss class

If a student will be absent from campus and classes because of a temporary disability, the student must notify their professors of the upcoming absence and projected recovery time to arrange to make up an missed class work. The Dean of Students Office cannot excuse any absence.

If several classes are missed, the student may want to consider requesting a medical withdrawal. For information on the medical withdrawal process, contact the Dean of Students Office at 262-472-1533.

What services are available to assist in my transition back to campus?

  • University Health and Counseling Services are available to assist students with a temporary disability in their transition back to campus. Contact UHCS/Ambrose Health Center at 262-472-1300.
  • Students with temporary disabilities who need academic accommodations should contact the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) for information about the accommodation and solving of problems in regards to access. Students must provide documentation of the temporary disability to be eligible for services.

Students with temporary disabilities may be eligible for the follow services:

  • Note taking assistance
  • Testing accommodations
  • Temporary eligibility for alternative transportation (fee based)
  • Advocacy
  • Materials in alternative format
  • Other services depending on disability and documentation

Contact CSD at 262-472-4711.

      • Students with a temporary disability who need a different residence hall room because of the disability can contact either their Hall Director or the Room Assignments Office (2nd floor Goodhue Hall). Any questions on this process can be directed to the Room Assignments Office at 262-472-4255.
      • Students who are ill can still have a meal provided to them. The student must initiate the request. If the request is for a period longer than two weeks, a note from a physician must accompany the request. Contact the Esker (262-472-2631) or Drumlin (262-472-1357) dining managers with at least two hours notice to make arrangements.
      • Students with physical limitations who need assistance in plating their food or carrying their trays in the dining units should contact the manager or any dining employee as they arrive in the dining hall.
      • Students who are away from campus because of an injury or health issues and are unable to use their meal plan for more than one week can request a partial refund or the meal plan fees. Requests should be directed to the Hawkcard Office at 262-472-1437. Refunds can only be issued for upcoming weeks and not retroactively.
      • Students who have temporary mobility issues and need medical supply resources, such as wheelchairs or other home health aids, should discuss this need with their primary healthcare provider or treating specialist. CSD and UW-W do not endorse or recommend any of the following vendors.

      Medical supply providers in the area are:

      Fort Medical Supply
      306 Washington St.
      Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
      Phone: 920-568-9860

      Mercy Health Mall
      1010 N. Washington St.
      Janesville, WI 53548
      Phone: 608-755-7989

      Walgreens Home Care
      Toll Free: 888-492-5442

      National Seating and Mobility
      Pewaukee, WI 53072
      Phone: 262-408-1001

            • Students who need assistance with transportation around town or campus because of mobility issues can contact Brown Cab at 920-563-6306. Fees are based on riders and mileage.
            • Temporary disabled parking permits will be issued for periods not to exceed two weeks to persons with obvious, short term disabilities which substantially limit mobility. Temporary disabled parking permits for periods longer than two weeks require a physician's statement which identifies the need for disabled parking and the ending date to the period for which disabled parking is required. The cost of a temporary disabled parking permit is $3.00 per week unless a parking permit has been purchased previously.
            • The Parking Services office is located in the Visitor Center, 826 Starin Road. Regular office hours are Monday-Thursday 7:30 am to 8:00 pm (when school is in session) and 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Fridays and during breaks. The Parking Services office phone number is 262-427-1011.