Confidential Student File Access Guidelines

Students registered with the Center for Students with Disabilities have access to their personal confidential file. The following guidelines apply to student file access:

  1. All requests must be in writing. Students must display photo identification and student ID or social security number. This is true for all requests including email, print mail, fax and walk-in requests.
  2. A CSD staff person must be with the student at all times while the student is reviewing the actual file.
  3. Students may add documents, notes or other appropriate materials to their files; however, at no time may they remove any part of the file.
  4. CSD will make one copy of documents in the file (up to 25 pages) at no charge and attempt to provide the student with these pages within three (3) working days after receiving the written request.
  5. Students requesting more than 25 pages will be charged ten cents per page (in excess of 25 pages) within seven (7) working days after receiving the written request CSD will attempt to provide the copies. Charges exceeding $5.00 are to be prepaid.
  6. Generally, CSD attempts to provide students with their file as soon as possible. The law requires a response within 45 days. CSD policy is to set up a time when a staff person is available to oversee the student's file review. If a staff member is available at the time of the request, we may provide the file at that time. If not, we will arrange a mutually agreeable time, preferably within three (3) working days.
  7. Students requesting release of confidential information from the file to a third party must submit an "Authorization For Release of Confidential Information" form. Students should refer to the document "Disclosing Disability Information" for an understanding of guidelines applying to the disclosure of disability information to university personnel for the purpose of implementing accommodations. (Both documents available from CSD).

Authorization For Disclosure Of Confidential Information Form [PDF]