Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Programs

Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Programs

Housed within the Dean of Students Office, the AODA Educator works with a variety of campus partners to educate students about substance use, misuse and abuse. While our culture may suggest alcohol or drug use during college is "no big deal", it holds the potential to negatively affect the physical, social and academic aspects of students' lives. Problematic alcohol use can cause students to perform below their academic potential, put them at risk for addiction or result in a policy violation or legal record that could compromise their ability to seek future employment. Alcohol misuse may also negatively contribute to our campus environment by increasing the likelihood of injuries, assault, vandalism or causing strain with our neighbors in the Whitewater community.

Despite the potential risks, we believe UW-Whitewater students are bright and motivated individuals who are capable of making the personal choice that is right for them. We strive to provide students with accurate information about the effects of alcohol and drugs so they may make their own healthy, responsible and legal decisions about the use of substances. We sponsor educational events, informational campaigns and distribute literature with this goal in mind. Additionally, we work with staff and student partners to promote a campus environment that encourages healthy behavior and positive involvement.

We invite you to explore the information on our AODA Programs website and to contact us for more information. If you are interested in more information or would like the AODA Educator to come speak to your classroom or student group, please contact AODA Programs in the Dean of Students Office.

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