Alcohol Awareness Workshop

Alcohol Awareness Workshop

The Alcohol Awareness Workshop is an educational workshop administered by the AODA Educator in the Dean of Students Office. Participation in the workshop is mandatory for some students who are responsible for violations of the University Alcohol Policy. Students who are required to complete an alcohol education class as a result of a court case may elect to enroll in the workshop. Students who elect to enroll to satisfy court orders are responsible for ensuring the course meets their individual court requirements. The cost of participating in the course is $100.00 which is charged directly to the student's campus account. This registration fee funds the purchase of course materials and campus alcohol prevention initiatives. Once the $100.00 fee has been assigned it is non-refundable, regardless of whether the enrolled student completes all elements of the course.

The Alcohol Awareness Workshop is based on a brief-intervention alcohol education model. It consists of two individual meetings and two group education sessions with the entire workshop lasting approximately four hours in length. Individual meetings are designed to provide assessment and personalized feedback for student participants. Group sessions are interactive in nature incorporating discussion and activities, as well as reading and writing assignments. Overall, the workshop addresses a variety of issues related to alcohol use, misuse and abuse by college students. The goals of the workshop are to help participants:

  • Explore their current alcohol use and pattern of alcohol decision-making
  • Explore their personal values surrounding alcohol use in college
  • Examine the impact of alcohol use on the various facets of their life
  • Compare their behavior with their UW-Whitewater peers
  • Understand the impact of alcohol use and high-risk drinking behaviors on the body
  • Build their awareness of the cultural standards and expectations associated with alcohol use (including the UW-Whitewater Alcohol Policy and Wisconsin State Law)
  • Understand the potential negative impact of alcohol use, misuse and high-risk drinking
  • Learn skills to use alcohol more responsibly and to reduce harm, if they choose to drink
  • Explore readiness for change and strategies for changing their current drinking behavior

If you have been assigned to participate in the Alcohol Awareness Workshop, you should contact the Dean of Students Office at (262) 472-1533 to schedule your first appointment. When calling, please tell the receptionist that you are scheduling your first meeting of the Alcohol Awareness Workshop. Questions about the program may be directed to Lindsay Gustin. 


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