Information for Parents

Information for Parents

Current college health and AODA research indicates that parents still have a strong impact on their students' alcohol decision-making and behaviors during their college years (NIAAA).

For parents of future UW-Whitewater students, we encourage you to talk directly with your son or daughter about substance use, alcohol decision-making and your expectations before they arrive on campus. Though it may be a difficult conversation, your student will know that you care and that this topic is an important one.

If your student is already on campus, it is never too late to address the issue! Empower your student to familiarize themselves with campus policy, state law and to take responsibility for their own experience on campus. Encourage your son or daughter to care for their bodies by making healthy, legal decisions and to get involved with one of the many campus groups or activities.

Finally, if your student is held responsible for an Alcohol Policy Violation, you will be notified in writing in accordance with the Federal Education Rights Privacy Act (FERPA). Involvement in a policy violation is a key time to engage in a discussion with your son or daughter about their alcohol decision-making. This type of misstep can serve as a powerful learning experience and as a chance for you to emphasize taking responsibility for their actions.

We recommend the following resources that may aid you in addressing this topic with your student:

Parents You're Not Done Yet...Have You Talked With Them About Drinking in College? (Century Council) [PDF]

What Parents Need To Know About Drinking in College (NIAAA)


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