CARE Team Members

The CARE team is facilitated by the Dean of Students and is composed of staff members from key areas around campus.  The array of members ensures consistency of care and action, especially when a person in crisis may have reached out to multiple members of the UWW community. 

Our members bring a variety of skills and perspective to the table, which helps ensure that our efforts are well-informed, appropriate and made with the best interest of all community members in mind. 

The CARE Team consists of the following members:

  • Interim Dean of Students - Terry Tumbarello
  • Assistant Director of Athletics - Amy Edmonds
  • Director of Center for Students with Disabilities - Elizabeth Watson
  • Director of University Health and Counseling Services - Dr. Rich Jazdzewski
  • UHCS Case Manager - Alisa Thompson
  • Human Resources and Diversity - Rebecca Rupnow
  • Chief of University Police - Matthew Kiederlen
  • CARE Team Case Manager - Andrew Browning