Academic Misconduct Procedures

Procedures to be Followed by Faculty Members

The University of Wisconsin System must adhere to the UWS Administrative Code in all disciplinary matters involving students. UWS Chapter 14 (Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures) provides policies and guidelines to follow in the case of academic misconduct. Taking any disciplinary action that is contrary to these established procedures places both the university and involved staff in a precarious legal position.

UWS Chapter 14 is printed in its entirety in this document and is also available on the web via the UW-Whitewater home page. Faculty members should make students aware of these policies and procedures at the beginning of each course through discussion and written statements. An appropriate statement to be included on the class syllabus is: "All incidents of suspected academic misconduct will be dealt with according to UWS Chapter 14 (Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures)."

When addressing an alleged incident of academic misconduct, a faculty member may contact the Dean of Students to clarify procedures and to determine if the student has been involved in other misconduct cases. In all cases, the Dean of Students should be notified of any disciplinary action and provided copies of all written materials so that centralized records may be kept.

In the event that a faculty member believes a student in his or her class has engaged in academic misconduct, the faculty member should first notify the student of this belief and offer to discuss the matter with the student. After this conversation, if the faculty member still believes that academic misconduct occurred, he or she should follow the procedures outlined in UWS 14. These procedures will vary slightly depending upon the severity of the disciplinary sanction sought by the faculty member. The three sets of procedures are outlined in UWS 14.0514.0614.07 and are outlined in the linked flow chart.