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FERPA and Release of Information
Student Handbook
UWS Chapter 14 Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures
UWS Chapter 17 Student Nonacademic Disciplinary Procedures
UWS Chapter 18 Conduct on University Lands
Student Misconduct Process
Annual Security Report

Step by Step process for student grievances:

  1. Problem occurs.
  2. Within 14 days discuss it with the person whose actions are in question. (Informal).
  3. If unsatisfied, within 7 days, talk it over with the Department Chair or Supervisor of the person (Informal).
  4. The Department Chair/Supervisor will attempt to resolve within 14 days (Informal).
  5. If unsatisfied, student has 7 days to write it up as a formal grievance, including why dissatisfied with recommended resolution, and send to the Dean or Director. (Formal).
  6. Within 14 days, the Dean or Director will attempt resolution or make the final decision. (Formal).

Members of recognized UW-Whitewater student organizations are expected to abide by certain policies as outlined in student organization recognition procedures. Members of all student organizations, clubs, teams, Greek organizations, honoraria, and academic organizations are covered by these procedures. It is especially important for faculty advisors to be familiar with these policies and procedures.

Additionally, students are also governed by many local policies as outlined in housing contracts, event and activity guidelines, and expectations for use of certain facilities. Each student utilizing or participating in such activities is responsible for knowledge of specific accompanying policies. It is imperative that these established procedures are followed so that the university is affording students their guaranteed due process rights. To assist with interpretation of policies and procedures, the Dean of Students Office serves as an oversight office for student policy implementation. Questions may be directed to our office at 262-472-1533.


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