Student Conduct Process

The behavior of UW-Whitewater students is governed by a number of different behavioral codes; from the UW System level to expectations and eligibility requirements for specific campus programs and buildings. Some of these codes include the following:

UWS Administrative Code, Chapter 14, Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures:

This document provides for disciplinary action of students who engage in academic misconduct such as cheating, plagiarism, or unauthorized collaboration on academic projects.

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UWS Administrative Code, Chapter 17, Student Nonacademic Disciplinary Procedures:

This document provides for disciplinary action for students who engage in various forms of nonacademic misconduct. Such incidents of misconduct could include underage drinking, drug possession, vandalism, assault, classroom or activity disruptions, theft, and various forms of disorderly conduct.

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UWS Administrative Code, Chapter 18, Conduct on University Lands:

The policies in Chapter 18 govern conduct on university lands for anyone on the campus; not just students. Violations listed in Chapter 18 are things for which the police may issue citations. In addition, a student violation of UWS 18 may also result in disciplinary action being taken under UWS 17.

Student Organization Conduct Procedures:

Members of recognized UW-Whitewater student organizations are expected to abide by certain policies as outlined in student organization recognition procedures. Members of all student organizations, clubs, teams, Greek organizations, honoraria, and academic organizations are covered by these procedures. It is especially important for faculty advisors to be familiar with these policies and procedures.

Additionally, students are also governed by many local policies as outlined in housing contracts, event and activity guidelines, and expectations for use of certain facilities. Each student utilizing or participating in such activities is responsible for knowledge of specific accompanying policies. The many policies and procedures may seem confusing, however each is specifically designed to cover a certain area. It is imperative that these established procedures are followed so that the university is affording students their guaranteed due process rights. To assist implementation of policies and procedures, the Dean of Students Office serves as an oversight office for student policy implementation. Questions may be directed to the Dean of Students at 472-1533.