Conversation On Race

Fall 2014-Spring 2015

The Conversation on Race is inspired by the fifty-year anniversary of the twin passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act.  it is also inspired by the current discussions of a "new Jim Crow" and recent reports on racial disparities in Wisconsin.  

We seek to remember the movements initiated by African Americans and Mexican Americans that led to landmark changes in public law, and to reevaluate the reasons for these movements and the progress, regress, and other changes made over the past half century.

  • How did civil rights movements lead to tangible progress that makes the idea that “all men [and women] are created equal” more credible?
  • What does the past tell us about how changes in racial ideas and race relations really come about?
  • What racial injustices still exist in the American social, judicial, and political systems?
  • Does the election of a biracial President really mean that the U.S. is "post-racial”?
  • What are the implications of recent reports that Wisconsin has the highest rate of racial disparity in educational achievement in the nation?

The goal of the Conversation on Race is to foster a sustained campus-wide conversation that - - 

  • examines, educates, and opens dialogue on race and race relations past and present.
  • helps students, faculty and staff develop the desire and ability to engage in conversations about race/ethnicity and race relations  as a life-long endeavor.
  •  supports an increasingly safe and inclusive learning and working climate at UWW.

The Conversation on Race program will include panel discussions, guest speakers, digital stories, films/documentaries, and other activities focusing on race and culture.

The program will provide multiple opportunities to engage the Conversation – and for faculty and staff to build the Conversation into the workplace and curriculum throughout 2014-2015. Curricular support materials for program activities will be available through the UWW Diversity website (including suggested discussion and writing prompts and other teaching/learning activities, and additional resources); CoR interns will coordinate sign-in sheets for courses requiring attendance or offering extra-credit; some events will be digitally accessible for classroom use.

In order to cultivate a campus climate that understands the historical and cultural roots and challenges of diversity, and to promote everyone’s ability to thrive in a diverse environment, we are asking that you –

  • check out the CoR Calendar of Events
  • check out our Facebook page 
  • help students engage the Conversation by incorporating CoR activities into Fall and Spring courses.
  • engage the Conversation by attending campus-wide, as well as faculty-staff specific events (eg: join the first-ever Faculty-Staff common read!).

Thank you for your commitment,
The Conversation on Race Planning Team
20 faculty & staff from all colleges; administrative, instructional & student support services
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