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March 2015

21 Say What: Understanding and Achieving the Speaking and Listening Academic Standards

April 2015

10-11 Early childhood Conference
13 Creating Musical Story with Students  
22 Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI Intermediate Systems)

Earth Day


NASCO: Lesson Planning-Musci & Story


Getting them to Want to: Promoting Joyous Effort in Classroom Literacy Programs

Education Outreach

UW W Education Outreach: Improving student achievement through enhanced educator expertise, knowledge, and increased organizational capacity

Education Outreach programming and resources at UW-W is intended to create a bridge between PK-12 educators and higher education for conversation, work, and collaboration for the benefit of student achievement.

The bridge is strongest when professional relationships are built through continuous conversation with a common purpose: preparing all students for college and career. While not all students may choose a four year institution such as UW-Whitewater, they all need educational opportunities beyond high school.

To build these bridges with and among the area school districts, UW-W Education Outreach is designed to grow in response to school district needs and issues.


  1. Establish a transparent, easily accessible process for collaboration.
  2. Develop strategies, activities and projects that build capacity.
  3. Build on connections that are already established.
  4. Monitor program effectiveness.


  1. Meet with area district administrators twice a year for sharing session.
  2. District educators serve on the Outreach Council (sign up).
  3. Compile a comprehensive professional development calendar linked to professional organizations.
  4. Provide workshops, conferences, professional development courses, and communication networks to meet specific educational needs.

Writing Institute:

Bibliography English Teaching Methods

Bibliography - Professional Development

Teacher Survey

Writing Plan Format

Conference Schedule

1. December Education Outreach Newsletter

2. Continuing Education Opportunities for Counselors: Spring 2015

3. InterActiv Tech Conference: June 16-17, 2015

4. Writing Institute: July 29-30, 2015

Contact us for more information:

Linda Nortier, Ed.D.
Cell: 608-751-3612