Job Announcement Code: 10-06230 Re-Announcement
Full Time (40 hrs/week)

Salary: The minimum starting salary is $11.949 per hour, plus excellent benefits. The pay schedule/range is 03-09. A 6-month probationary period is required. this position is represented by the Blue Collar and Non-Building Trades bargaining unit of the Wisconsin State Employees Union.

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UW-Whitewater conducts criminal background checks as a contingency to employment.  UW-Whitewater is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.  We promote excellence through diversity and encourage all qualified individuals to apply.

How to Apply:   The preferred method to apply for this position is to create an account and apply online here:  http://wisc.jobs/public/job_view.asp?annoid=48772&jobid=48287&index=true
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You will be required to upload a current resume and complete a 197-question objective inventory Questionnaire responding to questions about your work experience, education and/or training related to this position.  (THIS IS THE EXAM)

If you are unable to complete the materials online due to a disability or system problem, please contact Jeff Palkowski at 262-472-1394 or palkowsj@uww.edu, prior to the announcement deadline.

The deadline to apply is 4:30pm, March 14, 2011. Application materials will be evaluated and the most qualified applicants will be invited to participate in the next step of the selection process.  Late and/or incomplete materials will not be considered.

Cert #: 4032

Position Description

Position Summary:  This position is responsible for the design layout and planting of flowerbeds.  Also included is the installing and maintaining of turf, woody plant materials.  Will operate machinery and equipment to carry out above tasks as well as snow and ice removal.  The incumbent is also responsible for overseeing the training and work of students, LTE’s and classified employees assigned to them.  Position is listed as a level 2 for risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.  Position must possess or be able to obtain a Commercial driver's License within 6 months of hire and a Pesticide Applicators License within one year of hire.  All work is performed under the general supervision of the Grounds Supervisor.

Goals and Worker Activities

20%  A. Preparation, planting and care of flowers.
____ A1. Cultivate, weed, mulch and water gardens as necessary.
____ A2. Assist in the design and layout of flowerbeds.
____ A3. Spade or till flower beds and add soil amendments.
____ A4. Recommend the purchase of plant stock based on location, type and matured size of plants.
____ A5. Evaluate flower health and vigor, fertilizing beds accordingly.
____ A6. Check plant material throughout growing season and treat for insect and/or disease as needed.
____ A7. Plant annual and perennial flowers.
____ A8. Divide and transplant perennial flowers.
____ A9. Plant and care for perennial flower seeds in greenhouse.

20% B. Maintenance of shrubs.
____ B1. Prune and shape shrubs.  Remove dead or damaged shrubs.
____ B2. Apply mulches and cultivate shrub beds to control weed growth.
____ B3. Recommend the purchase of shrubbery based on type, location and size.
____ B4. Plant and transplant shrubs.
____ B5. Apply fertilizers and chemicals as necessary to maintain health and vigor of shrubs.
____ B6. Edge beds as necessary.
____ B7. Create new beds.

20% C. Landscaping
____ C1. Install block walls, stone walls, patios and walkways.
____ C2. Make necessary grade changes.
____ C3. Install edging brick, stone or timbers.

15% D. Maintenance of lawn areas
____ D1. Mow lawns, trim grass near fences, trees and other obstacles as required.
____ D2. Edge lawns along sidewalks, drives, and any other lawn border.
____ D3. Restore bare lawn areas by sodding or seeding as appropriate.
____ D4. Treat lawn areas with fertilizers and chemicals as required.
____ D5. Rake leaves, pick up litter and debris and keep areas neat and attractive.
____ D6. Aerate and thatch lawns as necessary.

10% E Snow and ice control.
____ E1. Operate trucks, tractors, and specialized equipment in clearing snow and ice.
____ E2. Hand shovel, scrape, and apply snow melting chemicals to all handicap ramps, sidewalks, stairs, etc. to keep areas free of ice and snow.

10% F. Other grounds maintenance duties.
____ F1. Guide the work of LTE’s and student workers.
____ F2. Operate trucks, tractors, skidloaders, and other motorized equipment.
____ F3. Police campus area and pick up litter and trash.
____ F4. Open clogged outside drains.
____ F5. Perform equipment maintenance as necessary.
____ F6. Assist with moving, hauling and setups as needed.
____ F7. Assist construction and crafts workers as needed.
____ F8. Spray round up weed killer and broadleaf herbicides.
______ F9. Other duties as assigned.

5% G. Maintenance of trees.
____ F1. Prune and shape trees as required.
____ F2. Plant and transplant trees.
____ F3. Operate chipper to dispose of tree waste as required.

Gardner:  Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to design and layout flowerbeds in relationship to the surroundings.  Knowledge of the various plant cultivars._______________

Knowledge of proper bed preparation, flower planting and upkeep.___________

Knowledge of area, equipment, safety hazards, and safety precautions.____________

Knowledge of herbicides and fertilizers used on lawns and in shrub beds____________.

Knowledge of proper methods and techniques for planting, transplanting trees and shrubs and proper pruning and trimming methods.____________

Knowledge of methods and equipment used to remove trees, etc._________________

Knowledge of common methods and procedures in maintaining lawns, including safety precautions and practices.__________________

Ability to handle materials weighing up to 75 pounds and pushing/pulling up to 100 pounds.  Must be able to work an 8-hour shift on a daily basis.________________

Must be dependable and able to communicate effectively._____________

Working Conditions:

Outside work, including extreme weather conditions during snow and ice control.____________

Overtime work including weekdays and weekends._____________

Dust, chemical odors and noise commonly encountered on the job.______________

Occasionally work inside State owned facilities in a variety of environments.________________

Special Requirements:

Must have valid Wisconsin driver’s license._______________

Equipment used to perform essential functions:
Drills, grinders, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, saws, hammers, levels, lawn mowers, edgers, snowblowers, tractors, skidloaders, pick up trucks, dump trucks, shovels, scrapers, spreaders.

NOTE:  The goals and activities listed are intended to describe the essential functions of persons assigned to this job.  They are not intended as an exhaustive list of all job duties, responsibilities and requirements.