IS Technical Services Professional - PROJECT

Classroom Technology Technician

This position is responsible for a multi-year project to install the audio-visual and touch panel control equipment in classrooms and instructional facilities at UW-Whitewater. The person in this position will participate in upcoming classroom remodeling and upgrade projects funded by grants and the academic colleges. In addition, the person will be responsible for maintaining the ongoing operation of the classroom equipment. This position reports to the Director of the Computing Environment Group in iCIT. 

Cert #: 4144


70% A. AV Equipment Installation and Configuration
A1. Install AV equipment (data projectors, document cameras, sound systems, media players, and other required components) as part of remodeling projects for instructional classrooms.
A2. Install and program the Crestron control systems used to integrate audio-visual equipment and other classroom controls in the instructor’s desk or podium.
A3. Configure Roomview controls for remote monitoring and maintenance of AV equipment in Crestron-controlled rooms; set and adjust schedules for equipment shutdown.
A4 Assist other iCIT staff in the planning of classroom remodeling projects; make recommendations for equipment, develop room diagrams, prepare cost estimates, and review statements of work.
A5. Work with vendors to obtain equipment quotes and order materials.
A6 Track time and materials used in project work, and record data in the TMA system.
A7 Work cooperatively with Facilities staff on projects with joint responsibilities.
A8. Provide information to customers on equipment options and functionality, and document the outcomes of customer consultations.

25%  B. AV Equipment Maintenance and On-going Support
B1. Monitor AV tickets for incidents and service that are reported through the iCIT tracking system.
B2. Diagnose and resolve AV equipment problems in the instructional classrooms.
B3. Provide knowledgebase information for iCIT Tech Support Center.  
B4. Develop a regular maintenance schedule for AV equipment in the campus instructional facilities and carry out the scheduled tasks. 
B5. Use Roomview data to address equipment maintenance and prevent service outages.
B6. Maintain inventory of AV equipment for campus instructional facilities; develop and maintain a plan for recommended equipment replacement. 
B7. Make adjustments to the Crestron control code to improve or correct the operation of classroom equipment.
B8. Maintain an up-to-date inventory of Crestron code used in the instructional facilities.
B9. Report equipment concerns or issues to management, and make recommendations for repair or replacement of classroom technology.

5% C. Professional Skills and Teamwork
C1. Stay abreast of the changing standards and technologies.
C2. Participate in staff meetings and assist in iCIT planning processes.
C3. Influence the workplace in a positive manner and participate in effective team-building.
C4. Assist in iCIT cabling projects as overflow assignment.
C5. Participate in other iCIT projects as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
1. Demonstrated experience in working with current AV equipment including data projectors, sound systems, and other peripherals, and their interface to computers and networked systems.
2. Knowledge of Crestron programming and the ability to develop, debug and revise existing code.
3. Experience with Roomview system for equipment monitoring.
4. Knowledge of basic electronics technology.
5. Ability to diagnose equipment problems and determine appropriate resolutions.
6. Ability to communicate effectively with customers about technology.
7. Ability to maintain thorough project documentation.
8. Ability to climb ladders and lift at least 50 pounds.
9. Ability to handle multiple concurrent assignments.
10. Ability to work independently and be self-motivated.
11. Ability to work effectively as part of a team with other technology specialists.

How To Apply:   Please submit a letter of interest, a current resume with three supervisory references, to: Stephanie Hartmann, Human Resources Assistant, UW-Whitewater, 800 W. Main St., Hyer Hall 330, Whitewater, WI 53190-1790; OR via e-mail to hartmans@uww.edu; OR via fax to 262-472-5668. Please reference Job #1201814This position will be posted until the needs of the department have been met.