Facilities Maintenance Specialist

Cert #: 4202

Residence Life - Facilities

Posting Date: January 9, 2013

There is a Facilities Maintenance Specialist transfer opportunity available in Residence Life – Facilities for current state employees. The work schedule for this full-time, year-round position is Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. with possible on call shifts.  The position description is available below. 

If you are interested in transferring as a permissive transfer candidate (current state employees in pay range 03-12 or counterpart) submit a resume with three supervisory references to Stephanie Hartmann, HR&D, 800 W. Main St., Hyer 330, Whitewater, WI 53190; email hartmans@uww.edu; or fax 262-472-5668.


University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Position Description
Position:  Facilities Maintenance Specialist
Department: Residence Life – Facilities

Position Summary: This position is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all building mechanical systems within the area of Residence Life.  The position performs preventive maintenance and minor mechanical, plumbing, and electrical repairs to air compressors, air handling units, pumps, water heaters and softeners, exhaust fans, emergency generators and other related equipment.   The position works under the general direction of the HVAC Specialist – Advanced and is directly supervised by the Assistant Director of Residence Life - Facilities.

55% A. Perform general preventative, corrective and reactive maintenance on building mechanical systems.
A1. Perform preventive inspections and services on all building systems as generated by the departmental Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).
A2. Check and adjust heating, cooling and ventilation equipment and related controls.
A3. Perform corrective and reactive repairs on air handling and heating systems to include air handling units, motors, pumps, ducts, booster coils, dampers, valves, belts and sheaves, etc.
A4. Inspect and maintain related mechanical system electrical equipment including motors, variable speed drives and emergency generators.
A5. Inspect, maintain and repair low-pressure steam valves, traps and condensate pumps.
A6. Inspect, maintain and repair pumps, valves, drains, water softeners, water coolers.
A7. Install / Repair window air conditioners.
A8. Complete or assist with minor plumbing and electrical installations or repairs.

25% B. Perform as first responder to customer calls in all Residence Buildings.
B1. Perform troubleshooting functions as a result of customer calls or various types of alarms.
B2. Make emergency repairs as needed to resolve maintenance problems.  Coordinate any needed  follow up through the appropriate person.
B3. Participate in after-hours on-call system to provide prompt response to facilities maintenance problems including leaks, broken windows, heating, cooling, and ventilation problems.
15% C. Perform related duties.
C1. Maintain mechanical rooms and shop spaces in a clean and safe condition.
C3. Purchase necessary shop supplies and maintenance and repair parts.  Maintain parts in an orderly fashion and maintain required parts inventories.
C4. Complete work orders promptly and completely, including completion of required information.
C5. Work with HVAC Spec, FRW, Electrician or Plumber when needed.
C6. Assist and advise supervisor to establish and modify PM service frequencies and routines.

5% D. Perform other tasks as assigned by supervisor.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
•Knowledge of cooling, heating, and venting equipment and controls.
•Knowledge of proper tools to be used for troubleshooting, maintenance, modifications, repairs, and preventive maintenance of valve operators, damper operators, solenoids, motors, thermostats, compressors, heating and cooling systems, etc.
•Ability to calibrate thermostats and adjust air damper.
•Ability to work collaboratively with co-workers, staff, students and supervisor.
•Ability to be on-call and perform emergency duties.

Special Requirements:  A valid Wisconsin Driver’s License required.