IS Systems Development Services Senior - PROJECT

IS Technical Services Senior - PROJECT

Cert #: 4203

Instructional, Communication and Information Technology (iCIT)

IS Technical Services Senior - Project
Posting Date: January 10, 2013

There is a IS Technical Services Specialist- Project vacancy in the Office of Instructional, Communication & Information Technology.  The work schedule for this
full-time, year-round position is Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The salary for this position is between $22.026 and $36.343/hr (45,990 to $75,884 annualized) plus excellent benefits.  The starting salary will be dependent upon a number of variables which may include: qualifications and skills, equity within the department and available budget.

Interested candidates should submit a resume and three (3) supervisory references to Stephanie Hartmann, HR&D, 800 W. Main St., Hyer 330, Whitewater, WI 53190; email hartmans@uww.edu; or fax 262-472-5668.


Position Summary:
This position performs advanced professional information system tasks, under general supervision of the Administration Information Systems (AIS) Manager in iCIT. Duties include: system analysis and design functions and advanced programming tasks, as well as consulting with, assisting, and instructing functional users in the use of Information System applications and tools.

40% A. Develop advanced system analysis and design specifications for new computing applications, customizations of existing systems, or interface in accordance with department standards and guidelines.
A1.  Work with users to define needed systems, customizations, or interfaces to perform required business functions.
A2.  Identify and document system and user requirements.
A3.  Design systems, customizations, or interfaces to meet identified requirements.
A4.  Design logical and physical database views as required to develop or maintain effective applications systems.
A5.  Consult with functional area experts to study business problems and define business process requirements.
A6.  Assist customers in identifying modifications or new development necessary to implement solutions to business requirements.
A7.  Formulate, justify, and present design alternatives to IS management and functional areas including timelines and cost/benefit analysis.
A8.  Review designs with other Instructional, Communication and Information Technology (iCIT) units.
A9.  Develop time estimates, test plans, and implementation schedules.
A10. Review program requirements to gain an understanding of programming problems.
A11. Participate in specification reviews or walk-throughs to assure satisfaction of program requirements.
A12. Code, test, and debug (or direct the coding, testing, and debugging of) complex computer programs and procedures in compliance with standards using advanced techniques and appropriate languages.
A13. Conduct system testing to assure correct functioning within the system.

25% B. Web Infrastructure Administration, Configuration and Coding
B1. Manage, configure, update, and maintain the Web CMS and other enterprise web systems (as defined above), in coordination with other iCIT and external vendor teams
B2. Manage account creation and permission for enterprise web systems.
B3. Provide Tier 2 support to enterprise web systems users.
B4. Using provided content and graphic designs, design and develop code to render web components and pages using XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, and JavaScript.
B5. Construct reusable page templates in the Web CMS using page components and standardized designs.
B6. Configure permissions and workflows for the Web CMS and other enterprise web systems.

25% C. User and production support
C1. Maintain existing applications as necessary to ensure data integrity, standards compliance and information relevance.
C2. Coordinate software upgrades or problem resolutions with functional users in departments, vendors, and other iCIT units.
C3. Provide documentation for customers on the use of iCIT-developed applications.
C4. Assist customers in troubleshooting problems with campus applications and determine appropriate solutions.
C5. Review log files to identify errors and anomalies, recommend solutions, and implement recommendations.
C6. Advise customers and iCIT staff on effective use of web applications and technologies.

5% D. Project Planning and Management
D1. Follow Systems Development best practices for assigned, projects, including the development for formal project plans, the identification and estimation of tasks, and the establishment of timelines.
D2. Communicate information and requests to project team members, management, and impacted parties in a timely manager using appropriate methods.
D3. Develop detailed implementation plans for the installation of web systems, in conjunction with other iCIT teams.
D4. Design and develop tests and testing procedures, document test criteria, and conduct tests according to plans, and document results.

5% E. Participate in professional development programs.
E1. Instruct staff in information systems techniques and new methodologies, tools, and techniques.
E2. Read books and periodicals to improve understanding of existing and new information technologies.
E3. Attend appropriate seminars, classes, training sessions, and workshops to increase technical knowledge and communication skills.

Knowledge Required:
1.  Proven ability to use PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and MSSQL for web application development.
2.  Proven ability to use ASP.NET web forms and ASP.NET MVC for web application development.
3.  Ability to administer, support and maintain Linux/Apache/PHP and Windows/IIS/.NET servers and multiple web infrastructure technologies such as the Web Content Management System, Google Search Appliance, Campus Events Calendar, WordPress Blog Server, and Web Analytics tools.
4.  Experience with SVN or other version control systems.
5.  Experience using Visual Studio 2003/2005.
6.  Experience programming with object-oriented techniques, XHTML, CSS page layout, client-side JavaScript, and C#.
7.  Experience designing relational database tables, views, and relationships, writing complex SQL queries, and developing against SQL Server database.
8.  Knowledge of web development design concepts.
9.  Experience documenting user requirements with use case diagrams.
10. Experience implementing all aspects of the software development lifecycle.
11. Familiarity with Web Accessibility standards.
12. Effective oral, listening, and written communication skills.
13. Ability to handle multiple assignments simultaneously.
14. Ability to work independently and complete assignments by due dates.
15. Ability to work effectively as part of a team.
16. A 4-year undergraduate degree is preferred. A computer science or related degree is preferred.
17. Ability to provide backup support to IIS and web server administrators.
18. Knowledge of browser behaviors including Internet Explorer, Firefox and other emerging web browsers for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
19. Expert – level skill using CSS and table-less HTML to create web pages and template from graphic designs.