Power Plant Operator- Senior

Cert #: 4204

Facilities Planning & Managment

This position operates and maintains UW-Whitewater’s central utility plant, as well as the related campus’ steam and chilled water distribution and utilization systems.  It maintains plant high-pressure boilers and auxiliary systems in warm standby mode; periodically test-firing the standby boilers to assure satisfactory equipment operation and operator skill level.  Will bring up and operate the plant’s boilers indefinitely upon interruption of the purchased steam supply.  Will seasonally operate and maintain the campus absorption and centrifugal chillers and associated auxiliary systems.  The position will assist steamfitters in the maintenance of the campus’ underground steam systems, as well as the building equipment utilizing those utilities. Position reports directly to Power Plant Superintendent.

The plant will be staffed 6:30am-10:30pm with rotating shift schedules.   When the plant is unattended, this position will participate with plant operators in a rotating after-hours on-call program for immediate response to purchased steam interruptions.  Position work schedule may change based upon operational needs, including 10:30pm-6:30am coverage during extended purchased steam interruptions.

30% A.Operate and maintain the central utility plant in a safe and effective standby mode.
A1.Monitor the operation of all operating standby equipment and/or systems such as pumps, compressors, fans, motors and emergency generators.  Make regular checks and necessary adjustments to insure proper, safe operation.
A2.Perform regularly scheduled preventive maintenance and lubrication of all operating and non-operating standby boilers and auxiliary equipment.
A3.Effectively communicate steam system corrective maintenance needs with other plant team members.
A4.Assist in repairing, maintaining and installing major plant equipment such as boilers, turbines, pumps, fans, electric motors, controls, air compressors, valves and piping.
A5.Assist in cleaning and preparing boilers for inspection and service.
A6.Assist with the long term lay-up and condition monitoring of the plant’s coal fuel handling systems such as conveyors, bucket elevators, scales, stokers and ash system.
A7.Monitor the condition of the purchased steam supply and returning condensate.
A8.Conduct regular shift duties per the procedure manual.

30% B.Operate and maintain the campus chilled water system.
B1.Perform regularly scheduled routine preventive maintenance of the chillers, as well as the condenser cooling tower system.
B2.Effectively communicate the chilled water system operation and corrective maintenance needs with other plant team members.
B3.Assist in repairing and installing major chilled water equipment such as absorbers, turbines, pumps, fans, electric motors, towers, controls, valves and air compressors.
B4.Assist in cleaning and preparing chiller tubes and towers for seasonal lay-up and operation.

15% C.Ensure the immediate, safe and efficient operation of the central utility plant upon interruption of the purchased steam supply.
D1.Safely and efficiently operate up to two high pressure, dual-fuel boilers.  Monitor instrument and control systems.  Make needed changes in fuel and air systems to achieve high efficiencies while maintaining acceptable emission levels.
D2.Record initial and final meter readings when producing steam to ensure accurate billing figures are gathered.
D3.Monitor the operation of auxiliary equipment and/or systems such as pumps, turbines, compressors, fans, motors and emergency generators.  Make periodic checks and adjustments to ensure proper and safe operation.
D4.Effectively communicate with other plant personnel in reviewing and improving plant operating procedures.
D5.Assure that all required record keeping is complete and accurate.
D6.At least quarterly, bring up and effectively fire the plant’s boiler’s to test equipment and operator readiness.
D7.When the central plant is unattended, participate with other plant operators in a rotating after-hours standby pager program to immediately begin plant steam production should the purchased steam supply be interrupted.
D8.On a rotating schedule, wear a pager after normal work hours and be available to respond immediately if paged.
D9.Upon notification of a loss of steam campus pressure, immediately proceed to the plant, assess the situation and begin bringing the standby boiler and auxiliary system on-line.
D10.Notify the superintendent and others affected of the interruption and emergency actions taken.

15% E.Assist steamfitters with the general maintenance of the campus underground steam distribution systems and building equipment using those utilities.
E1.Assist with regular steam pit inspections and preventive and corrective maintenance activities including trap and valve repair.
E2.When applicable and practical, serve as an attendant for steam pit maintenance activities and activities in other confined spaces.
E3.Assist with the seasonal draining and filling of chilled water mains and building coils.  Assist with the restoration/warm-up of steam mains after interruptions.
E4.Assist with the maintenance of building steam and chilled water utilization equipment such as pumps, condensate receivers, valves and coils.
E5.Assist with the insulation of steam, condensate and chilled water piping.
E6.Assist with steam trap testing and repair.

10% F.Perform all steam, condensate,  chilled water and condenser water analysis and treatment as required to ensure safe and efficient system operation.
F1.Perform tests on boiler water, feedwater, make-up water and condensate return to determine needed treatment action.
F2.Perform tests on, chilled water and condenser cooling water to determine needed treatment.
F3.Adjust chemical doses, feed rates and blow downs to ensure that water chemistry is kept within recommended limits.
F4.Regenerate softeners and dealkalyzers as required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
● Must possess a valid driver’s license.
● Skilled in the operation of various power tools, hand tools, and testing equipment.
● Possess high mechanical aptitude.
● Knowledge in the operation of steam driven equipment. (Boilers, absorption chillers, turbines, steam pressure reducing stations, pumps and fans)
● Willingness and adaptability to work under unpleasant conditions such as extreme noise, dusty or dirty areas, extreme heat and cold, wet areas and confined spaces.
● Ability to wear respirators.
● Physically able to lift and carry 50 pounds.
● Physically able to perform work in various positions such as overhead, standing on ladders and scaffolding, or while bending, kneeling, crawling, twisting or laying flat.
● Ability to become certified in CPR and basic first aid.

To be considered for this position, you will need to create an account in Wisc.Jobs and apply online. For instructions go to http://wisc.jobs/public/index.asp and reference Job Announcement Code 1300173

You will be required to upload a current resume and complete a 119-question Objective Inventory Questionnaire/exam. THIS IS YOUR EXAMINATION, and will be used to determine your eligibility for this vacancy. Resumes may not be substituted for item responses.
If you have questions regarding this recruitment, or if you are not able to complete the application or examination online due to a disability or system problem, please contact Rebecca Rupnow at 262-472-1394 or RupnowRD02@uww.edu Questions regarding the WiscJobs system or the online examination can be directed to wiscjobs@wisconsin.gov or 608-267-1012.
The deadline to apply is 4:30pm on February 7th, 2013. Application materials will be evaluated and the most qualified applicants will be invited to participate in the next step of the selection process. Incomplete and/or late application materials will not receive consideration. and/or late application materials will not receive consideration.