Univesity Services Program Associate


Cert #: 4207

University Services Program Associate (USPA)
Posting Date: January 19, 2013

There is a University Services Program Associate (USPA) transfer opportunity available in First Year Experience and Learning Communities for current state employees. The work schedule for this full-time, year-round position is Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. The position description is available below.
If you are interested in transferring as a permissive transfer candidate (current state employees in pay range 02-11 or counterpart) submit a resume with three supervisory references to Stephanie Hartmann, HR&D, 800 W. Main St., Hyer 330, Whitewater, WI 53190; email hartmans@uww.edu; or fax 262-472-5668.


First Year Experience and Learning Communities
The University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

Working Title: Office Manager, First Year Experience and Learning Communities

POSITION SUMMARY: Manages the First Year Experience and Learning Communities office; provides administrative, clerical, and program support, under the direction of the Director of First Year Experience and Learning Communities, to the professional staff within the office for administration of programs for all new students and their families (programming includes Plan-It Purple, Fall Orientation, Peer Mentor Program, Transfer and Family Programming, and the Learning Communities); hires, trains, and supports the student office staff who assist with reception duties; responsible for reservation system management for programs; oversees financial accounts, including payroll, budget reconciliation, electronic change-of-status forms, etc.; maintenance of all equipment, supplies, and forms within the unit; office management responsibilities in supervision of processing of correspondence and projects within the office and in cooperation with the FYE and LC office and other campus departments.  Work is performed under general supervision. 

50% A. Administrative and program support to the First Year Experience and Learning Communities office for Plan-It Purple orientation programs, Fall Orienation programming, Family Programming, and Peer Mentor programming, including coordination of schedules, room reservations, catering, program activities, faculty/staff involvement, and responding directly to questions or concerns of participants, faculty and staff throughout the year.
A1. Coordinate with the Director the overall preparation and implementation of the Plan-It Purple orientation programs.  Provide support during Plan-It Purple days, including weekends when applicable.
A2. Revise and update materials related to Plan-It Purple programs and segments of those sessions, including room reservations.
A3. Provide support in the development of Plan-It Purple materials, folders, and schedules; subsequently order all program materials (including these and other standard supplies).  Consult with Media and Marketing Relations and/or outside vendors regarding the time frame of printing materials.
A4. Assist with the selection process for hiring of student staff (Hawk Squad, Lead Peer Mentors, Peer Mentors, Team Transfer, Student Office Staff, Graduate Assistants, etc.) including creation of recruitment materials (posters, flyers, advertising), review and preparation of forms and letters, scheduling of interviews and correspondence related to student employment, housing, and meal plans.  Ensure that all files are complete, minimum requirements for application is satisfied, and appropriate correspondence addressed to each applicant.
A5. Generate and distribute program participant lists/rosters and organize/verify departmental advising locations for Plan-It Purple orientation programs. 
A6. Manage registration website (EBMS) for all First Year Experience and Learning Communities programs.  Respond to any needs or concerns identified.  Process date changes, requests for cancellation, requests for refunds as needed or required.
A7. Serve as primary administrator for the fye@uww.edu email account.  Respond to all inquiries or send on to the appropriate individual for response. 
A8. Coordinate/document contact with First Year Experience and Learning Communities program participants unable to attend the scheduled program and initiate rescheduling of attendance via email and/or telephone contact.
A9. Refer requests of overnight stays for Plan-It Purple participants to Residence Life or provide information for local accommodations.
A10.Manage bookkeeping functions of financial transactions for office programs, including responsibility for processing of registrations and reporting of funds. Process manual billing of participants when necessary.
A11.Consult with Deans, Department Chairs, and University administration to coordinate Plan-It Purple orientation program segments and respond to questions regarding the sessions.  Generate and distribute advising lists as appropriate.
A12.Coordinate the process for acquiring materials for inclusion in Plan-It Purple folders.  Coordinate delivery of materials and prepare folders for use.
A13.Organize and support on-going assessment of office programming in consultation with appropriate professional staff.
A14.Manage administration of online orientation module; includes communication with students via email, electronic tracking of participation, and reconciliation of program completion within University systems to ensure student course registration. 

40% B. Office management within the First Year Experience and Learning Communities Office
B1. Outline and organize timetable to complete major projects within available time and space constraints of office.
B2. Provide initial information to personal questions and concerns raised by family members and students: in-person, via email or telephone, and when appropriate make referrals to other campus offices and resources.
B3. Reconcile receipts, expenditures, accounting transfers and related budget activity through PeopleSoft Shared Financial Systems.
B4. Maintain audit records regarding Procard purchases.  Reconcile records on a regular basis.
B5. Maintain consistent communication with departments and campus offices concerning programs and projects.
B6. Process personnel transactions including hiring, payroll, and work assignments for student help (office workers, Peer Mentors, Hawk Squad, Team Transfer, Graduate Assistants, etc.)
B7. Schedule appointments/meetings for the Director of the First Year Experience and Learning Communities office as needed.
B8. Keep current on University policies, programs, rules and relationships. 
B9. Attend Campus Business Representatives meeting.  Attend other meetings related to position and responsibilities as possible.
B10.Recommend equipment purchases to assist with long-range goals for office functions.
B11.Prioritize and directly supervise work of student office employees within the First Year Experience and Learning Communities office.
B12.Purchase all necessary office supplies from approved vendors; maintain adequate office supplies within the office.  Manage the organization of office materials.
B13.Order all necessary office forms; keep a current inventory of all requests and forms/supplies utilized by office.
B14.Provide logistical and management support for academic courses housed within unit; includes management of electronic change-of-status forms for instructors, assistance in assigning instructors to course sections, creating training materials, management of online instructor tools, etc. 

10% C. Supervise the Correspondence and projects within the office and, in cooperation with the Admissions Office, Registrar’s Office, ICiT, MMR, etc.
C1. Serve as liaison with ICiT, Admissions, Mailing Center, MMR in coordinating research, projects, mailings, and programming requests
C2. Assign large projects related to orientation/registration programs to appropriate units across campus, establishing expectations, timelines, and following-up through appropriate completion of project.
C3. Update as required all form letters.
C4. Support as needed any special work of the First Year Experience and Learning Communities staff.