Police Detective

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Cert #: 4208

Police Services

This position is responsible for the provision of law enforcement investigations, functions, technical aspects of the investigatory processes of law enforcement, coordination of specialty functions and security services for the department and campus.  This position reports to and works under the general supervision of a Sergeant.  Depending upon circumstances, situations and operations, this position may also report to the Director and his or her designee.

60% A.Performance of investigative functions.
A1.Conduct criminal and other investigations to identify perpetrators, preserve the rights of victims, and prevent crime on the UW-Whitewater campus.
A2.Conduct detailed investigations of suspected criminal acts and other assigned activities.
A3.Self-initiate investigations of suspected criminal behavior when made aware through report review, personal interactions or otherwise.
A4.Conduct investigations in cooperation with outside agencies, to include but not limited to District Attorneys, Coroner’s Office, law enforcement local, state and federal.
A5.Review and report on the status and progress of assigned and initiated cases to the Supervisor and appropriate Officers.
A6.Research and plan legal investigative methods to be used during each assignment including items such as; review records of law enforcement agencies, acquire basic technical knowledge and terminology associated with a particular investigation, discuss case factors with Supervisors and others involved, determine if additional police personnel are needed to assist, determine if special techniques such as surveillance or detection devices are needed.
A7.Collect, properly package and preserve evidence at crime scenes and appropriately utilize crime lab analysis as needed.
A8.Locate and develop sources of information such as informants who are able to provide detailed and accurate reporting on the locations, suspects and amounts and types of criminal activity.
A9.Plan and coordinate the use of surveillance equipment and other police personnel assigned to investigations.
10% B.Performance of law enforcement functions. 
B1.Detection of violations of State laws and WI Administrative Code which occur within the legal jurisdiction of the department.
B2.Take appropriate corrective action including warning, citing or arresting suspected violators (criminal, traffic or alcohol related offenses).
B3.Conduct investigations of alleged or suspected criminal activity to arrest the perpetrator of the crime or to deter occurrences of any future criminal activity.
B4.Interview complainants, witnesses, suspects and others who may have knowledge of the violation in order to obtain facts and information.
B5.Record and document incidents by preparing written reports concerning those incidents.
B6.Collect and preserve physical evidence at crime scene to be used later for prosecution of arrested individual(s) and to maintain the chain of evidence.
B7.Make lawful arrests or detentions of suspected violators by taking them into physical custody and independently determining whether perpetrators should be incarcerated or released pending court appearance.
B8.Photograph and fingerprint suspect(s) who have been arrested when necessary.
B9.Provide court testimony for cases designated by the district attorney’s office(s).
B10.Enforce parking regulations by taking appropriate actions (citing and/or towing).
B11.Patrol all areas of campus, by either foot or motorized patrol, to provide security and protection to those areas.  Patrol utilizing a bicycle is also authorized for Police Officers who have successfully completed a Police Cyclist Training Program.
B12.Provide assistance to other law enforcement agencies as necessary.
B13.Perform other departmental duties as assigned by Sergeant, Director and/or his or her designee.

10% C.Performance of security and various other services to the University community.
C1.Develop and give presentations concerning law enforcement orcrime awareness/prevention topics to various groups as assigned.
C2.Provide money escorts to local banks.
C3.Provide crowd control and traffic direction.
C4.Identify and make necessary reports of security, safety and repair problems.
C5.Report obvious safety deficiencies, which are found during patrols of campus buildings, facilities or grounds, to the appropriate staff responsible for the repair or correction.  Some of these safety deficiencies may include lights not functioning, trip hazards, exposed electrical wiring,and obstructed emergency exits or other potential dangers.
C6.Provide directions, information or other services to faculty, staff, students and the general public as individual situations require.
C7.Assist Emergency Medical Services personnel during incidents of medical crisis, as needed and within the scope of training.

10% D.Performance of technical aspects of law enforcement.
D1.Maintain proficiency and meet department standards in areas of CPR/Basic Life Support, firearms, defensive tactics, physical fitness and emergency vehicle operation.
D2.Attend classes and in-service training to maintain and enhance current law enforcement knowledge and skills.
D3.Attend specialized classes to obtain skills and training.

10% E.Performance or coordination of specialty functions for the department.
E1.Satisfactorily perform specialty functions, which are assigned, to support department operations and mission.  Some of these functions may include areas such as Education/Crime Prevention Officer, Court Officer, Firearms Instructor, DAAT Instructor, Bicycle Patrol Officer, Evidence Custodian, Crime Scene Technician, Shift or Event Officer-in-Charge, Hazardous Materials, National Incident Management System or any other comparable area of specialization or coordination as needed by the department.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
Extensive knowledge of statutory provisions relating to the making of arrests, evidence processing  and handling.
Extensive skill in conducting investigations.
Extensive skill in interview and interrogation techniques.
Considerable knowledge of state and local laws pertaining to enforcement activities.
Considerable knowledge of modern crime prevention and detection techniques.
Considerable knowledge of investigative techniques.
Considerable knowledge of emergency medical assistance principles and techniques.
Considerable knowledge of crowd control tactics.
Skill in assessing situations and incidents and choosing the most appropriate course of action.
Skill in oral and written communications.
Skill in handling firearms.
Skill in driving motor vehicle.
Skill in effecting arrests.
Must be able to lift 50 lbs.

Special Requirements:
Candidates cannot have any unpardoned felony convictions or convictions for situations involving domestic violence.
Must have completed a WI Department of Justice “Law Enforcement Recruit” training course and be eligible to receive certification upon employment.  OR Already be certified by the WI Law Enforcement Standards Board as a Law Enforcement Officer.
A post-secondary degree OR a minimum of 60 credits of post-secondary education from an accredited school.
Must possess a valid WI Driver’s License with a good record, which includes non-convictions for which the license was suspended/revoked.
Must be at least 18 years of age, of good character and be “free from any physical, emotional or mental condition which might adversely affect performance” as a law enforcement officer.
Must have held the position of Police Officer in a sworn agency for at least one (1) year.

To be considered for this position, you will need to create an account in Wisc.Jobs and apply online. For instructions, click on this link: http://wisc.jobs/public/index.asp and reference Job Announcement Code 1300322.

You will be required to upload a current resume and complete a five-question exam describing your work experience, education and/or training.
This examination and will be used to determine your eligibility for this vacancy.
Resumes may not be substituted for item responses. Resumes are for supplemental purposes only and will not be reviewed. “Please see resume” is not an acceptable exam response.
Questions regarding the examination can be directed to Rebecca Rupnow at 262-472-1394 or RupnowRD02@uww.edu.
The deadline to apply is February 16, 2013 Application materials will be evaluated and the most qualified applicants will be invited to participate in the next step of the selection process.