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There is a Custodian TRANSFER opportunity available in Facilities Planning & Management for current state employees. The work schedule for this full-time, year-round position is Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00p.m.- 6:00a.m.

If you are interested in transferring as a permissive transfer candidate (current state employees in pay range 03-08 or counterpart) submit a resume with three supervisory references to Rebecca Rupnow, HR&D, 800 W. Main St., Hyer 330, Whitewater, WI 53190; email RupnowRD02@uww.edu; or fax 262-472-5668.


Cert #: 4209

Facilities Planning & Management

This position is responsible for housekeeping duties in assigned areas of UW-Whitewater buildings and maintaining these areas in a safe and sanitary condition.  This position reports to a Custodial or Maintenance Supervisor and will work under the guidance of a Custodian Lead.  All duties are to be performed in accordance with organizational beliefs and values.  Regular attendance is an essential function of the job.  This position is designated at Level 1 for risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.  All established safety rules and regulations must be followed and personal protective equipment must be worn when performing job duties requiring their use.   

80% A.Routine daily maintenance of academic buildings
A1. Clean restrooms, shower, and locker rooms.
A2. Clean classrooms, whiteboards and trays, erasers, etc.
A3. Clean and dust office areas.
A4. Empty wastebaskets and remove trash from buildings.
A5. Replenish supplies as necessary.
A6. Vacuum and spot-clean carpet
A7. Sweep and/or dust mop floors.
A8. Wet mop or machine scrub floors.
A9. Clean hallways, stairwells, and drinking fountains.
A10.Clean and sweep entryways and walk off mats; empty ash urns.
A11.Wash walls, ceilings, inside windows, and glass building entrances.
A12.Replace bulbs, clean light fixtures, and replace diffusers.
A13.Open and secure buildings/rooms
A14.Other duties as assigned

10% B.Performance of Related Duties
B1. Clean and maintain equipment and storage areas.
B2. Report needed maintenance or repairs to supervisor via work request.
B3. Move furniture, equipment, supplies, etc. as required.
B4. Inspect exterior building entrances for trash and dispose of appropriately.
B5. Provide snow removal from building entrances and surrounding sidewalks.
B6. Strip and refinish floor surfaces as needed.
B7. Shampoo all carpeted areas and clean entry mats.
B8. Clean all HVAC grilles in assigned building areas once a year.
B9. Lubricate building locks and door hinge pins.
B10.Drive University vehicles if authorized.
B11.Other duties as assigned

10% C.Team Participation
C1. Function as member of team in special projects (i.e. relamping, tarping floors, seasonal cleaning).
C2. Function as a team member in problem solving for custodial and other areas.
C3. Assist other department/employees as required.
C4. Perform set-ups and tear downs involving movement of equipment and workshops, sports events, etc.
C5. Clean areas between events.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
Ability to work collaboratively with co-workers, staff, and students
Ability to interact respectfully with people from diverse socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds
Independently organize and prioritize workload.
Knowledge of commercial cleaning methods
Knowledge of cleaning solutions and agents
Knowledge of cleaning equipment and materials
Ability to lift 50 lbs
Ability to work independently