Inventory Control Coordinator Advanced

Shipping & Receiving Clerk

Cert #: 4259

Posting Date: September 25, 2013

There is an Inventory Control Coordinator opportunity available in the University Bookstore. The work schedule for this full-time, year-round position is Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. The position description is available below.

To be considered for this position, you will need to create an account in Wisc.Jobs and apply online. For instructions go to http://wisc.jobs/public/index.asp and reference Job Announcement Code 1303439

You will be required to upload a current resume and complete a 3 question Talent and Experience exam. THIS IS YOUR EXAMINATION, and will be used to determine your eligibility for this vacancy. Resumes may not be substituted for item responses.

If you have questions regarding this recruitment, or if you are not able to complete the application or examination online due to a disability or system problem, please contact Stephanie Hartmann at 262-472-1397 or hartmans@uww.edu Questions regarding the WiscJobs system or the online examination can be directed to wiscjobs@wisconsin.gov or 608-267-1012.

The deadline to apply is 4:30pm on October 5, 2013.   Application materials will be evaluated and the most qualified applicants will be invited to participate in the next step of the selection process. Incomplete and/or late application materials will not receive consideration. and/or late application materials will not receive consideration.

Position Summary
This Position manages the receiving and shipping function of the University Bookstore and Textbook Rental. This position is responsible for food and school supply purchasing with data entry for the bookstore Point of Sale system. This position is also responsible for digital photography and image formatting for the Bookstore web site. This Inventory Control Coordinator position is expected to perform assigned duties in the Stores, Receiving operations. The incumbent is expected to perform these prescribed duties in a professional manner, following all applicable guidelines/procedures. Inventory Control Coordinator Advanced is expected to provide input to overall planning, guide the work activities of student staff if assigned within these operations and assist in maintaining a safe work environment.

Goals & Worker Activities
30%  A.  Management of receiving functions for the Bookstore and Textbook Rental.

A1. Facilitate the unloading and disbursement of all incoming freight, Parcel Post, RPS, Fed Ex, UPS, UW-Whitewater Central Receiving and campus shipments.
A2. Supervise the inspection of incoming freight and document all damages and/or shortages.
A3. Maintain receiving ledger on all incoming freight.  Maintain Fed Ex receiving ledger, designating the purchasing department and package number on all collect packages received.
A4. Supervise student workers in the verification of quantities and product for packing, accuracy, and the inspection of merchandise for damage.  Document all variations and bring to the attention of department buyers.
A5. Responsible for the placement of merchandise in the proper display areas and storage of excess in the stock areas.
A6. Supervise the maintenance of the loading dock and receiving area as a safe, clean environment for freight handling.
A7. Supervise the application of price tags, security strips, size labels and any other product preparation, before moving product to sales floor.

20% B. Management of shipping functions for the Bookstore and Textbook Rental.
B1. Coordinate the shipping of all merchandise from departments within the store.  Verify packing slips with merchandise.  Pack all merchandise for shipping according to the NACS Manual of Operations.
B2. Arrange for pick-up of all common carrier shipments.  Prepare all necessary shipping documents and record in shipping and receiving logbook.
B3. Recycle and store, by size, receiving cartons and packing materials for use as shipping materials for outgoing packages.

10% C. Point-of-Sale and UPS data entry and barcoding functions.
C1. Determine the need for barcodes, add-ons (new or used), and type of price stickers for all merchandise received.
C2. Create and print bar code pricing labels for all general merchandise received and customer-returned products.  Supervise the application to the proper products.
C3. Complete pricing information sheets for text and trade books, using retail price on packing slip or obtained price from department buyer.  Attach price information sheet to correct merchandise.
C4. Maintain general merchandise point-of-sale database, including, but not limited to, the entry of received merchandise into the system, checking for accuracy of the sku number, description, purchase order number, received date, quantity, price and the deletion of outdated products. Enter new product information into the data base and update as required. Research and resolve problems with individual products and delete obsolete products from records.
C5. Process outgoing UPS and/or USPS shipments from Bookstore and Textbook Rental using their online shipping software.  This includes calculating weights, declared values, shipping preferences, multiple carton shipments, as well as generating labels and daily reports.
C6. Maintain the UPS and/or USPS address database, daily report log, driver pickup receipts and archived records.

15% D. Merchandising.
D1. Supervise the displaying, restocking, and general upkeep of merchandise on the sales floor.
D2. Produce computer generated signs and signage for informational, directional and promotional ads, as well as pricing lists and event notices, using Microsoft Word and other appropriate software.
D3. Coordinate, along with other store personnel, signage for displays for future promotions.
D4. Take digital photographs of store merchandise for bookstore web page and Alumni magazine advertising.  Using a computer, edit and enhance images to prepare them for Internet and promotional use.
D5. Provide training for students in the use of graphic software programs on the computer.
D6. Create attractive food displays, and other general merchandise displays, in order to increase sales through customer appeal.
D6. Assemble new displays, fixtures and counters.  Perform minor repairs of products, displays, furniture, pricing machines and equipment when required.
D7. Provide assistance in the customer service area.
D8. Identify tasks in stock areas or on sales floor and assign to student employees.
D9. Determine and maintain optimum sales floor stock levels of general merchandise daily.  Notify appropriate department managers of all low and out-of-stock situations.
D10. Check stockrooms for seasonal merchandise, work with buyers to determine timing of displays of seasonal merchandise.  Supervise merchandising on the sales floor.
D11. Maintain stock areas in a clean and orderly condition.

20% E. Purchasing.
E1. Purchase all school/dorm supplies, electronics, food, drink and HBA items sold in the Bookstore including, but not limited to, products from Douglas Stewart, Deb Wholesale, Holiday Wholesale, Pepsi, and Frito-Lay.
E2. Establish inventory controls for all fore mentioned items.  Monitor turnover of individual products for possible replacement with faster moving products and closeout of old merchandise based on shelf life.
E3. Work with all vendors to solve any problems that may arise and to keep abreast of new products.
E4. Research and evaluate new food products.  Establish new vendor contacts to ensure continuous supply at competitive prices.
E5. Create and print forms for the record keeping and ordering of products, shipping and pricing of supplies, using Word, Excel or other appropriate software.

5% F. Performance of miscellaneous related tasks.
F1. Purchase inventory and maintain proper levels of shipping supplies and pricing supplies for general merchandise and books.
F2. Prepare sales floor area, stockrooms and “non-show” floor areas for annual inventory.  Direct the physical inventory of these areas.
F3. Set up and stock cap and gown distribution area for graduation.
F4. Provide and set up tables, chairs, electric cords, etc. for special events such as book buyback, and student organization booths.
F5. Maintain and monitor the weather alert radio system. Alert supervisors of emergencies and activate emergency procedures.
F6. Assist other employees as needed during rush periods.
F7. Perform other duties as necessary or assigned.

•Skilled in use of an html editor and digital camera
•Skilled in use of WinPrism Point of Sale/Inventory System
•Ability to interpret rules and regulations
•Must be able to perform heavy lifting
•Ability to work collaboratively with students, administrators, University staff, and general public
•Ability to supervisor and train student employees in receiving processes