IS Business Automation Senior - PROJECT

Technology Training & Advancement Advocate

Cert #: 4305

Instructional, Communication & Information Technology (iCIT)

IS Business Automation Senior - Project
Posting Date: January 30, 2014

There is a IS Business Automation Senior Project vacancy in the Office of iCIT.  The work schedule for this full-time, year-round position is Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The salary for this position is between $22.247/hr and $36.708/hr annually based on experience.

Interested candidates should submit a resume and three (3) supervisory references to Stephanie Hartmann, HR&D, 800 W. Main St., Hyer 330, Whitewater, WI 53190; email hartmans@uww.edu; or fax 262-472-5668.


Position Summary:  The position’s primary responsibility is to support technology skills advancement of university staff. The position will coordinate the development and delivery of training solutions and methodologies to improve the general understanding of technology concepts, as well as consult on best practices for improved productivity. The person will transition campus from the traditional approach of teaching software features to teaching methods that focus on departmental business processes.  The person in this position will hold a key role in the successful identification and adoption of campus technology.  The person in this position works under the supervision of the Director Instructional Technology Services in iCIT.

25% A. Assess and Promote Technology Adoption and Proficiency
A1. Identify the expected skill levels in technology proficiency for campus staff.
A2. Analyze office processes and develop instructional solutions that meet identified training needs and ensures technology is effectively used.
A3. Develop a methodology for assessing staff technology proficiency.
A4. Collaborate with departments to plan for skills assessment and training, including orientation programs for students, parents, faculty, and staff.
A5. Identify professional development opportunities to assist staff in achieving and exceeding the expected skill levels.
A6. Assist the iCIT Helpdesk in identifying individuals or departments with additional or unique training needs, and propose solutions. 
A7. Market the benefits of technology proficiency to the campus community.
A8. Participate in the development of policies and service agreements.
A9. Track campus technology adoption patterns to better understand campus needs.
A10. Serve as an advocate for customer requirements in planning for new and upgraded enterprise technologies.
A11. Execute pilot programs, design and execute testing, report results to ICIT Management Team and divisions.
A12. Provide information in support of other areas of ICIT, including contributions to rollout planning, communication tactics and knowledgebase.
A13. Work with other ICIT staff in the planning and use of new technology, including participation in department events, and including participation in ITSE program for students.
A14. Influence the workplace in a positive manner and participate in effective team-building.

35% B. Develop and Deliver Technology Training
B1. Develop appropriate technology training for UW-W staff.
B2. Ensure training investment and opportunities are in keeping with technology advancement strategy
B3. Assess and recommend appropriate tools for packaging online training materials.
B4. Develop and package online training materials.
B5. Organize and facilitate clinics and live sessions.  
B6. Deliver workshops as required.
B7. Develop methodologies for evaluation and measurement of training effectiveness.
B8. Provide reports to management on the training program and effectiveness. 
B9. Participate in iCIT projects to recommend and develop training in the rollout of new and upgraded systems.

30% C. Advance Enterprise Software Productivity
C1. Research and evaluate the features and functionality of new or competing software releases.
C2. Identify potential usage and business process automation that can be leveraged from new software releases.
C3. Analyze office processes, identify needs for efficient workflow, and recommend potential solutions using existing resources.
C4. Develop and manage software user documentation used by UWW employees.
C5. Translate research and needs analysis into software training workshop curricula.
C6. Leverage campus software expertise and share resources.
C7. Serve as an advocate for understanding customer enterprise software requirements and provide recommendations to ICIT management regarding opportunities for improved software use.
C8. Provide information in support of other areas of iCIT, including contributions to software rollout planning, communication tactics and knowledgebase.
C9. Create and maintain documentation to ensure instructors successfully operate classroom and lab technology, as requested by the Workstation Management group.\
C10. Participate in technology projects that affect the technology user environment and complete project tasks as assigned.
C11. Support special events as part of training and technology advancement to enhance the positive image of ICIT.

10% D. Other Duties As Assigned
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
•Strong teaching and coaching skills in supporting software usage.
•Experience in the operation of Windows application software.
•Thorough knowledge of the features and operation of applications in the Microsoft Office suite.
•Familiarity with the operation and behavior of common web browsers.
•Thorough knowledge of Windows OS file management.
•Experience with Macintosh OS and Mac applications is preferred.
•Familiarity with the operation of common software utilities, tools and plug-ins.
•Ability to evaluate new software and software components, distill a set of requirements, and make recommendations.
•Ability to understand and clarify software behaviors.
•Ability to communicate with customers with diverse levels of technology skill.
•Ability to understand business processes and adapt training to support those needs.
•Ability to engage people to effectively communicate technology concepts.
•Experience with developing end-user technical documentation.
•Commitment to continuous quality improvement.
•Highly organized with an ability to work independently.
•Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with an ability to translate technical information into everyday language (and vice versa)
•Ability to communicate effectively regarding policies and guidelines.
•Four-year degree in a related field preferred
•Experience working in a university environment preferred