Operations Program Associate

Operations Program Associate (OPA)
Posting Date: March 18, 2014

There is an Operations Program Associate (OPA) employment position vacancy available in the James R. Connor University Center at the UW- Whitewater campus.  The work schedule for this part-time, year-round position is Monday through Friday, 10:00a.m. – 4:00 p.m. with various nights and weekends as needed. The position description is available below.
Starting pay will be $15.258 per hour plus excellant benefit.  To applyfor this position you must have taken the state administered Office Support Exam since August of 2013.  You must already have or create a Job Cart Account in Wisc.Jobs in order to apply for this position.  Visit the posting on the Wisc.Jobs webbsite at: http://wisc.jobs/public/index.asp and enter Job Announcement Code: 1401268 to apply for this position.    Questions regarding the position can be directed to: Rebecca Rupnow, HR&D, 800 W. Main St., Hyer 330, Whitewater, WI 53190; email rupnowrd02@uww.edu; or 262-472-1394.


Cert #: 4309

University Center

This position reports to the Assistant Director of the University Center and serves as the Assistant University Box Office Sales Manager. The Assistant University Box Office Sales Manager is responsible for assisting the University Box Office Manager in the management of ticket sales; development and maintenance of financial reporting systems; and supervision of box office student employees. This position works closely with the University Box Office Sales Manager when determining staff scheduling and other necessary tasks to be completed. This position is responsible for ticket sales at the Greenhill Center of the Arts Box Office, James R. Connor University Center, Young Auditorium, Williams Center, and Perkins Stadium. This position’s work shift WILL vary from the normal campus 7:45am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday work hours, depending on event and staffing schedules. Weekly evening and/or weekend hours are required, based on event  needs.

40%  Assist in managing the processing and selling of single season tickets for all events on  campus
1.  Administer ticket sales for all games and events including staff, equipment, setup, and supplies.
2.  Assist Box Office Manager in preparing all necessary tickets, request start cash, signage, supplies, etc., for sale for individual events and/or games.
3.  Oversee staffing of ticket window(s), front of house, etc. at the remote venue sites (Young Auditorium, James R. Connor University Center, Williams Center, and Perkins Stadium)
4.  Advise Young Auditorium staff in developing and improving season order forms.
5.  Resolve any customer concerns, use discretion, and make decisions necessary to resolve customer problems for any event.
6.  Assist the Box Office Manager in developing and implementing processes to assess customer satisfaction.
7.  Assist in maintaining electronic patron mailing list(s).
8.  Process in-person, internet, and telephone orders for advance ticket sales utilizing the event ticketing software system.
9.  Issue complimentary tickets per request, process refunds, and or exchanges, in accordance with departmental policies. 
10. Perform services at the Greenhill Center of the Arts Box Office and all ticket outlets as needed.
11. Check voice mail and return calls from customers.

25%  Financial Management
1.  Use the event ticketing software system specific information to prepare daily sales activity management reports and other reports as requested as back up to the Box Office Manager.
2.  Gather and incorporate information from the event ticketing software system to complete the manager’s section of the “Ticket Service Office Cash Report” to determine the sales for the previous day for Ticket Services and Information Services as backup to the Box Office Manager.
3.  Assists the Box Office Manager to compile daily hard copy printouts of total sales activities for audit purposes when necessary.
4.  Calculate and assess operative expense chargebacks to departments for staffing and event    expenses utilizing the Peachtree billing system on campus in the absence of the Box Office Manager.
5.  Work with the University Center Financial Specialist and other departments to obtain correct revenue codes for deposits.
6.  Analyze and provide interpretation of event ticketing software system reports of sales activities to the coordinators of Young Auditorium, Theatre/Dance department, SEAL, Athletics, Music Department, etc.
7.  Compiles daily hard copy printouts of total sales activities for audit purposes.
8.  Prepare and distribute final sales summary reports for each event and series of events to sponsoring department.
9.  Verify expenses and deposits for the Ticket Services Accounts using WISDM (campus general ledger system).
10.  File daily cash reports for audit purposes.

15%  Supervision and Personnel Management
1.  Assist the Box Office manager in training, supervising and assessing all student employees in ticket sales procedures, emphasizing customer service and satisfaction.
2.  Assist the Box Office Manager in training UC Information Desk employees in ticket sales.
3.  Assist the Box Office Manager with scheduling student ticket employees for sales during regular office hours as well as at the Young Auditorium, Center of the Arts Box Office, Athletic  Box Office, and miscellaneous events.
4.  Serve as secondary supervisor of the student ticket employees.
5.  Assist the Box Office Manager in conducting semester performance evaluation of student employees based on Student Affairs and University Center agreed upon measurements.
6.  Assist the Box Office Manager with tracking box office student employee hours for budget purposes.
7.  Verifies box office student employee labor hours in the campus payroll system in the absence of the Box Office Manager.

10%  Administration of Event Ticket System and ticketing
1.  Responsible for event building, set-up and ticket formats as back up to the Box Office Manager.
2.  Assist with training Theatre/Dance department student(s) in the box office management as part of their curriculum requirements.
3. Assist with the connection of computers to the event ticketing software system, including installing and updating the program on individual computers.

5%   Development of ticket services policies and procedures
1.  Assist the Box Office Manager in the development, implementation, and review of ticket sales procedures, with special emphasis on Young Auditorium events, Theatre/Dance department, Music department, and Athletics.
2.  Document gate/event sales and counter sales procedures for all events.
3.  Evaluate off-site ticket outlet sales policies/procedures.
4.  Recommend changes and/or improvements in the ticket policies and procedures.

5%   Other duties as assigned