Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee sets the agenda for each meeting of the Faculty Senate, and is composed of one Senator from each constituency, two members elected at-large, plus the Senate Secretary and Chairperson.

Current Members

Brady, Kathy Assoc A & C Communication A & C
Compas, Eric Assoc L & S Geography L & S
Hartwick, James Prof COEPS C & I Senate
Levy-Navarro, Elena Prof L & S Languages & Literatures At Large
Mandell, Nikki Prof L & S History At Large
Munro, David Assoc B & E ITSCM B & E
Portman, Penny Prof COEPS HPERC COEPS

Toms, Ozaelle M

Asst COEPS Special Ed Senate


Last revised on August 24, 2015

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Faculty Senate Chair

James Hartwick
(262) 472-5815