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Statement of Request from the UW System Faculty Representatives on Additional Revisions to Regents’ Policies on Post-Tenure Review and Program Discontinuance/Tenured Faculty Layoff


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The Faculty Senate Executive Committee passed FSEC 1516-05: The Feedback of the UW-Whitewater Faculty on the Tenure Policy Task Force Proposals.This resolution distills feedback of the faculty from UW-Whitewater (UW-W), aggregated from conversations, emails, and a formal All-Faculty Listening Session held on January 26, 2016. The three documents discussed are the final drafts of the Tenure Policy Task Force (TPTF) released January 21, 2016: RPD 20-23, Faculty Tenure; (2) RPD 20-XX, Procedures Relating to Financial Emergency or Program Discontinuance Requiring Faculty Layoff and Termination; and RPD 20-09: Post-Tenure Review in Support of Tenured Faculty Development. More specifically, this resolution identifies and explains in detail the UW-Whitewater faculty concerns and recommendations regarding the TPTF proposals. The Faculty Senate Executive Committee organized the faculty's concerns and recommendations into the following five categories: (1) timeline problems; (2) layoffs as financial management and a lack of faculty protections; (3) evaluations: getting it right, and letting the experts decide; (4) muddling of educational and fiscal considerations in program discontinuance; and (5) governance issues. This resolution was transmitted to the Chancellor (2/1/16) for information only. It does not require formal action by the Chancellor.

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