Shared Department Queries

Shared Department Queries

New Query Library Available Soon

The queries on this page will soon be unavailable (scheduled for March 1) but they will be replaced by new versions that will be accessed from a different location.  Applicable staff will be contacted soon with more details.

Business Intelligence replacements for queries on this page are available at  MFA enrollment is required prior to gaining access to the new system.  Contact Don Wozniak in the Registrar's Office for more details.


Please review the FERPA policy before using data from the Query Library. See Related Links.

User Guide

Query Library Guide - Please review the instructions regarding accessing Query Library.

Internet Explorer is the highly recommended browser for running these queries.  Macs are not compatible.  Most versions of Firefox do not display/export the results properly.

Student Information

Active Student Queries - The Active Student query has been replaced with smaller versions set up for specific groups of students.  You will have the option to download the results to your computer in .CSV format.  The default fields included in all query results are: Student Full Name, Emplid, Ferpa, Term, Academic Level, Ethnic Group Code, Gender, Student Academic Category (the academic plan/subplan), Student First Name, Campus Email Address, Term Credits In Progress, Enrollment Category (full time, part time, not enrolled), Total Credits Earned, Total Transfer Credits, Total Test Credits, Total Other Credits, Total Audit Credits, and UWW GPA.  PLEASE NOTE ... There are options within these active student queries to include mailing address and/or advisor information. However, if your selections result in more than 1,000 students, you cannot retrieve advisor nor address data for that query but the default fields will still be retrieved.  You would then need to use smaller selections for advisor and address information to be included.

All Academic Plans and Subplans - (REVISED 12/7/2017) - List of active students from the current/upcoming term of your choice in any academic plan/subplan.  Results now include an ADMBUS column.  Preferred names are included, when applicable.

    Advisee List - (Updated 12/2017) Generate and export a .CSV data file or printable PDF showing students assigned to one or more selected advisors.  Preferred names used when defined.

    Students Expecting to Graduate - This query identifies students expecting to graduate in the term(s) and academic categories of your choosing.  Results are exportable in .PDF or .CSV format.

    Degrees Earned by Term - This query allows you to identify students from your majors and minors that graduated in a specific term.  Results are exportable in .PDF or .CSV format.  (New 2/2015)

    Class Information

    E-mails by Class Section(s) - List of student UWW Email addresses by class section(s).
    Addresses by Class Section(s)- List of student addresses by class section(s).


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